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Monday, October 24, 2005

Full sky diving video ( 48 Mb )

Skydiving video (48 MB approx)

Right-click link and save to download and watch the file on your computer.

the parachute comes out .....bliss

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parachute comes out ( part 4)

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the parachute comes out (part 3)

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more free fall ( part 3)

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Sky dive part 2 ( free fall part lasts for 1 min )

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Sky dive in Dallas ( 13500 ft , 120 miles per hour , 1 min free fall , tandem jump )

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Epica Awards

Gautam gave me this cool link to look at and I think its an awesome advertisement .

Brilliant . Have a look .

Friday, September 30, 2005

Yo !!
Dj Mohit finally lands in london and visits Ad:tech . I also landed on the top of the photo wall . They liked me so much.

Express yourself photo wall

Me on the Photo Wall !!!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
My pic on top of "Express yourself "wall at a stall of a major advertising company .

Close up on photo wall !!

Close up on photo wall !!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
I got done a photo shoot in a rappers clothing at the fair . My rapper pic is posted on the top at a photo wall at the fair . More pics from the photo shoot to come soon !!!

Visiting a client's office in London

Thursday evening I went to visit a client of mine in London . Amazing office . This pic is from the production floor .

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Channel surfing ....

Billboard advertising of a new Adult channel in UK.

Side view of Black Hummer

Side view of Black Hummer
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
This black hummer is owned by casino website guys and was parked at the front of the venue of the fair :-) I want one too.....

Bus advertising is HOT

Bus advertising is HOT
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
You will find some of the most amazing advertising on London buses . Check out this sample and some others to follow.This is just one of the many examples .Clicked this while travelling back from office to my hotel .

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First day first few hours in London

Reached london in the morning 9am . Nice weather . :-) Nothing more to add for now except that trying to settle down real fast. Work action to start from tommorow .

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hectic....Yeahhhhh...No blogging for a while.

Wondering why this blog is NOT being updated over the last few days ??

Well , for starters I am very busy with my travelling and meeting set up . Also started a new UnOfficial event coverage blog for AD:TECH 05 London . Hence busy with that too .However there is soon going to be more then you can handle activity on this blog from around the world :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Radha Krishna - my LORD . See the picture carefully for a few moments and notice the peace you will get inside your heart :-) The peace is from the silence -which tells you ...everything doesnt need to be "possesed" materialistically to make one happy !!

The mysterious Radha and her last meeting with Krishna !!!

This question has seeked me ever since I can remember ...from my my my realisation and my internal assimilation of Lord Krishna as my god.

However ,I am not fascinated by Krishna as much I have been by Radha .

Everyone - follower or non follower - knows Krishna and all the famous tales about him ..However very very few know about tales of Radha . Just Radha .Her perspective. Her viewpoint .

Yet we call "Radha Krishna" as our Lord and not Krishna alone . We have their idols showing them as two ...yet when you study and research deep the mythological meaning or implied meaning(s) is.. that they are ONE !!!

Just one soul UNION .

However for now I dont want to dwelve deep into philosophy or pyschology or mythological reasoning or spirituality or anything..

I just want to enjoy the beauty of this story...plain simple !! Treat it as FICTION .

The lesser known story of my lord and your lord..

Via Harsh Nevatia's articles ( the bits I loved the best and below )

Radha has been perceived differently by different people down the ages. She is sometimes the adulterous and amorous lover of Krishna and at others his divine consort. This perhaps makes her the most confusing character in Indian mythology.

In the eastern religious tradition, she is however accepted as a beloved of Lord Krishna but the wife of another, sometimes mentioned by name as Aiyyan.
Anyway, Krishna without Radha is unthinkable, and I consider the view accepted by general tradition as appropriate

Part 1
Krishna went to his mother, Yashoda, and turned on the full force of his charm. "Mother," he said, "I want you to send a message to Radha's family, asking for her hand in marriage." Yashoda thought this was another of Krishna's pranks. But when Krishna persisted she replied firmly and clearly.
She said, " You cannot marry Radha for several reasons. She is engaged to Aiyyan. You are the son of a chief and her family is much lower in status. She is older than you. And she is a brazen girl, totally unfit to be a wife."

Krishna then used his final weapon. He threatened that his mother would not only lose a lovely daughter-in-law if she refused, but also her son. Yashoda then asked him to settle the matter with his father. So Krishna went to Nand and repeated his request. His father said with a wink, "I have noticed that you are spending more and more time with the girls lately. No wonder you want one for yourself. There are many chieftains who would willingly wed their daughters to you." Krishna interrupted and said that he wanted to marry Radha and not a chieftain's daughter. The arguments were repeated. Finally Nand said he was no match for Krishna in a debate. Their family priest, Sage Garg, was arriving the next day and Nand would refer the matter to him.
Krishna told Sage Garg that since he and Radha desired each other, they should get married. Garg replied that desire as a reason for mating is the way of animals. The matching of temperaments, family backgrounds and future plans should be considered while selecting a spouse. Krishna stated that even as per these considerations he could not find any fault with his choice. Radha's temperament was perfectly matched to his, their family backgrounds were similar and both of them would be spending the rest of their lives in Vrindavan doing what the men and women of Vrindavan had always been doing.
Sage Garg then said, "I think it is time to tell you the truth about your birth. You are the eighth son of Prince Vasudev and Devaki. It was prophesied that you would kill your maternal uncle Kansa and deliver the Yadava race from his tyranny. Hence you were secretly brought to Gokul and were brought up as the son of Nand and Yashoda. The great sage Vyasa has foretold that you will be the leader of the Yadava race and the saviour of all humanity. Hence I have brought Sage Sandipani with me, who is to begin your education in the scriptures, procedures of governance and the art of warfare. We all have great expectations of you. Radha is a village girl. She will not be a suitable companion in this endeavour. That is why we are against this marriage."
Krishna quietly digested what had been said and then replied softly but firmly. "First of all I would like to aver that Nand and Yashoda are my parents and I will always look upon them as such. Then I would request you to keep the story of my birth a secret from the people of Vrindavan till it is time for me to leave. If they learn the truth then their attitude towards me will change and this I will not be able to bear. You say that I am to deliver all humanity from suffering. I cannot begin this formidable task by thrusting the person who loves me the most into unbearable suffering.
From the moment Radha saw me tied to the mortar eight years ago, there has not been a single day that she has not waited for me. With every breath that she has drawn she has taken my name. For her spring comes when I come to meet her and winter begins when I leave her. If I had died fighting Kaliya, the poisonous snake, many in Vrindavan would have been heart broken. Mother would have never stopped crying and father would have lost his smile forever. But Radha would have given up her life there and then. Radha lives for me and in me and I live for her and in her. If you prevent this marriage, you will be depriving me of the right and power to carry out the great tasks you want me to. I beseech you with folded hands to grant your consent."
Sage Garg was overcome by the rationality and intensity of this speech. He gave his consent. Radha's joy knew no bound. And in the celebrations that followed Aiyyan was forgotten.

Part 2
The news that Krishna was leaving spread like wildfire throughout Vrindavan. The youth sensed that they were losing a staunch friend; the maidens sensed that they were losing a man of their dreams and Radha....
Before Radha could even begin to ponder upon the consequences, the melodious sound of a flute wafted throughout the village. The women left what they were doing and ran to the Madhuban. There was no time to wear their ornaments or comb their hair. While running they tried to arrange their clothes to give an appearance of modesty but soon gave up. Radha picked up her anklets and raced ahead of everyone else, her bosom heaving with excitement. Her Kahn was calling her. Krishna was standing in his usual spot, his right leg crossed over his left, and playing his flute with gay abandon. Radha cuddled up to him and began to sway in the rhythm of his music. The other maidens formed circles around them and began to dance. The men folk, the elders and children too had come there, but were watching from a distance, so as not to embarrass the dancers.
Every maiden wanted Krishna to dance only with her, every maiden imagined that Krishna was dancing only with her and the spectators could see a multitude of Krishnas, each dancing separately with one of the lasses. Such is the power of love; such is the power of faith. This was the Maharasa or the "great dance". When the dancing stopped Krishna and Radha were missing.
Radha and Krishna were heading for their favourite nook in the Madhuban, near the Yamuna river. Radha was in Krishna's arms, her tousled head resting on his shoulder.
"Will you always be like this, Kahn?" asked Radha.
"Always," he replied, "Till the sun and the moon endure."

But Radha was not satisfied by this assurance. "Will you always remember me?" she asked.
"How can I forget you," replied Krishna, "You are my Goddess of beauty and joy."
They reached their destination and huddled close together on the mossy grass. They kissed tentatively at first, but the pent-up passions soon engulfed them and they united in body and soul. After a while Radha got up and began to tie her disheveled tresses into a knot. "Will we always be together after we are married," she inquired uncertainly. Krishna replied that they were inseparable and that they had just got married according to the Gandharva tradition. According to the this tradition, sexual intercourse among consenting couples was tantamount to the marriage rituals provided the male was of royal descent.
"You will always be my prince," said Radha, "but you are not of royal blood. And I do not regret our love making so you do not have to justify it." Then Krishna narrated the story of his birth, of his being the redeemer and his leaving for Mathura before dawn. Radha let the whole narration sink in and appeared to be forming some decisions of her own. "Is there anything that can make you stay?" she asked.
"Nothing can hold me from my destiny and my duty." Replied Krishna firmly. "Why do you worry? Are you afraid that I will die at Kansa's hands? It will be over soon and then I will call you to Mathura"
"No, I am sure that you will kill Kansa. And then you will become the king of the Yadavas. A lot of people will look up to you, will bow down before you, and will depend on you. You will become the saviour of humanity," said Radha.
"And you will be my queen, by my side always," added Krishna.
"No," replied Radha surely. "I am a poor cowherd girl. I will be lost in the palace intrigues. There will be many princesses wooing you and wanting you at any cost. I will be awkward and gawky compared to them. This village girl will be a handicap to you in your new avatar. For you will undeniably change. Your life will be filled with politics and manipulations. You will fight wars and participate in destruction. That will be a part of your destiny and I don't pass judgment. But the Kahn I loved was a cowherd boy, whose calling in life was to graze cattle, who played the flute and danced in the woods and whose crown was a peacock feather and weapon was a bamboo staff. I will not be able to see you in any other form." Radha was now sobbing convulsively and Krishna has to take her in his arms to calm her down.
After regaining her composure Radha continued. "Please listen to me Kahn! Let me stay here and take care of your parents. Here in Vrindavan I will see you in the waters of the Yamuna, the slopes of Govardhan and the trees of Madhuban and hence I will always be with the Kahn I knew."
They sat silently for a while reflecting on the past, savouring the last moments of togetherness and coming to terms with the future. Krishna broke the silence. "You are right Radha. In Mathura I will have to change and if you come with me then you will have to change as well. I will not be the Krishna you knew and you will not be the Radha I knew. We will not be able to replicate the magic we weaved here. And without either of us here, Vrindavan too will wither away. But if you stay back, then Vrindavan will become an enduring shrine to our love and you will be its deity." Krishna then told Radha that preparations had been made for them to get married in the Vedic manner and since the auspicious moment was drawing near they should return. Radha requested that Krishna leave his flute behind as a gift to her and Krishna readily agreed.
It was time for the final parting. The villagers had turned out to personally meet Krishna. Radha stood beside her mother in law, dressed in bridal finery, her face covered modestly by her sari. From time to time she looked up at Krishna, each glance a pledge of eternal devotion. Krishna's eyes met Radha's each time and he smiled at her reassuringly. Any other communication in front of the elders would be out of place. So no words were said and no hands touched. Krishna touched his mother's feet and mounted the bullock cart with Nand, Balaram and Akrura. Radha looked without blinking at the cart till it disappeared round the corner and then fainted. Krishna never set foot in Vrindavan again.


Part 3
Krishna never set foot in Vrindavan again. But legend has it that he did come face to face with Radha once, later … much later. After he had killed Kansa and become the leader of the Yadavas. After he had shifted his capital from Mathura to Dwarka. After he had married Rukmini and Satyabhama and the others.
It was at the occasion of a total solar eclipse. A massive congregation had gathered at the field of Kurukshetra to bathe in the holy tank of Syamantapanchaka after the eclipse. (It was said that a dip in this tank after eclipses purified the soul. It was here that the great sage Parshurama had come to atone for killing the evil kings and warriors. He established that all killing is sinful, even when the persons killed are evil and deserve to die, even killing in war. Hence all killings have to be atoned for.) All the major kingdoms were represented. Krishna was leading the Yadavas. Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur was there with his sons the Kauravas and nephews the Pandavas. So were many other kings. Little did they know that soon they would be engaged in a do or die battle on this very field some years later. Many common folk had come as well. Among them was the cowherd community of Vrindavan.
When Krishna's parents, Vasudev and Devaki learnt of this they wanted to meet Nand and Yashoda. They had never met Krishna's foster parents and wanted to thank them for taking care of their son in his formative years. The meeting was a very emotional one. Balaram met his old cronies and reminisced about old times.
But when Krishna came face to face with Radha no words were said. No hands stretched to meet each other, no smile played upon lips and no eyes sparkled with delight. Only a million thoughts flashed through each mind and a deluge of tears flowed from each pair of eyes. Radha had promised not to get involved with Krishna's later life and she intended to keep that promise. Krishna did not want to say or do something that would make things difficult for Radha. They stood staring stonily at each other till all the thoughts were exhausted and the eyes were dry. Though Krishna and Radha had been physically separated, they had been inseparable spiritually and would continue to be so till the end of the world. Radha had seen the splendour in which Krishna's wives lived and the joy he lavished on them. But she knew that his tears were for her alone and that each drop was more valuable than all the riches of the world. Krishna knew that Vrindavan would be enshrined forever because of Radha's sacrifice. Both were assured that they had taken the correct decision many years ago. Without saying anything they said everything and went their separate ways. They never saw each other again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Flirting , Dating ,Matrimony available fresh on the Indian Blogosphere !!

I have been "Blog surfing" for about 2 years now and Blogging personally for about 1.5 years now . Mostly I read blogs from various sources , classified as under ( in no particular order) :

  • Blogs by Indian Freinds
  • Blogs by Indian Professionals related to my Industry and field of work
  • Blogs by Foreign Nationals related to my Industry and field of work
  • Other blogs by either Foreign nationals and Indians

It might be coincidence or otherwise , however I have come across this unique and truly Indian trend in the indian Blogosphere of Flirting , Dating , Romancing , Seeking Matrimony with Fellow bloggers more so - "only or majorly" amongst the Indian blogging community .

I feel BLOGS have filled up the vaccum wonderfully well - where the Indian dating and matrimony sites failed !!!

Most of the Indian dating sites are filled with Adult profiles posted by some pimp . Hence for a normal visitor it become difficult to seperate good from sin !!

Most of the Indian matrimonial sites are visited by the prospective brides and grooms parents and hence serve less purposes for dating and flirting.

There are NO famous Indian Flirting sites !!

When I thought and started evaluating this more closely , I came across some even more interesting facts and trends. Sample some of the recent trends , comments and posts etc I have read recently on some of Indian blogs ( I won't name or give links to these posts or comments ) :

  • How to get Blog Visitors and commenters for your new blog: A Female blogger freind of mine ( she is good looking alrite) who recently started this blog had no visitors to start with apart from her online freinds . These freinds obviously knew her so well that they didnt need to comment on her blog.This continued for about 2-3 weeks.However when she posted just 1 pic of hers - her blog suddenly had all the more meaning for visitors to come , comment and interact on .Currently her blog gets an average of about 10 odd comments - mostly flirting , trying to flirt , trying to date etc.The comments are also of freindly nature and others regular comments . However mostly have a tone of flirt.
  • How maintaining blog list helps : Interestingly this same freind of mine is maintaining a Favorite blog list which only has guys bloggers listed !! Effect more word of mouth among guys and more commenters for her blog !!
  • How talking about your offline activities help : Another female friend of mine is maintaining this blog where she has had some posts describing the funny offline matrimonial "arranged marriage seeking " weirdo guys she has come across . Her this post made her more famous among guy bloggers ( according to me they thought they had more dating chance with her ) and the comments on her blog skyrocketed even more !!
  • How to use blog for maintaining a long distance relationship : I have also come across an Indian blog from Mumbai where a couple are in a Long distance relationship . The guy is in USA and the girl in India . They both are maintaining their individual blogs which serves no purpose but to tell the other better half about their daily acitivity . They - I guess - prefer blogs to email , IM chats , phones etc. The blog is filled with i LUV UUUSS..AND i MISS UUUUSSS ..Their blogs are only known according to them to some of their freinds. I am however very sure they can cash in on their blog visitors and get some Google AdSense to make them money to fund their next Valentines day gift- literally !!
  • How to use blog to tell people how sexy you are (and hence more flirting and dating) : A blog by a female has some of her very attractive and personal photographs and talks about all the relationships she has been through. The advantage - more seekers !!!
  • How to play "catch-me-if-you-can" with your online seekers :The same above female blogger also used to change her blog adress every other week practically .
  • How to use blogs to let girls know what they are missing out on:Look at the new header of my blog !!

Happy Independence Day !!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Rising - Ballad of Mangal Pandey ( in English ) / Mangal Pandey - The Rising ( in Hindi ) - ***** ...........A movie with honest intentions and sincere work . The events leading to the "birth of the seed" of Indian freedom movement is depicted with a mix of fact and liberal doses of fiction . However the elements combine well as a whole. The movie does suffer from a certain lack of pace in the 1st half and also some of the characters are not fully developed . My personal favorite moment : Mangal taking on the British Army all alone . All in ALL a good HALLA BOL !!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bollywood's first movie to have an official blog !!!

Mangal Pandey and Aamir Khan today created Bollywood history of sorts . The very first official Bollywood movie blog . The blog is part of the movie's pre release ( post production completion ) marketing.

A lot of Hollywood directors are already blogging on Studio or personal sites . However there blogging starts from the pre production stages of the movie.

They blog about what happened on the sets , the journey of making the particular movie etc..

The comment count on the Mangal Pandey blog reads as 100 + for every post ....

What does this mean for Bloggers ??

You might soon get Mallika Sherawat to be your Blog buddy...and on your blogrolling list !!!
Mangal Pandey - Aamir Khan's Space

Friday, August 05, 2005

....check..check......Reality check !!!

This post if for people living outside India , who want to know the ground reality of what the Govt. of Maharashtra and India are doing about the Mumbai floods .....

Govinda (A bollywood actor with mass appeal - turned politician -turned MP and also does acting side by side btw ) on NDTV and AAJ Tak ( he wore shades in the studio while giving the interview )

Interviewer : Why didnt you go in your constituency on 26th and 27th July - when the heavy rains and floods happened ?

Govinda : I couldnt come out of my area / flat in Juhu - due to so much water .

Interviewer : Is it fair to say ...the government reacted late in this time of distress ?

Govinda : Govt. has acted in time ( earlier he says he went out from his house 2 days late ) and is doing what it can do ....this rain has been unprecendented ...record breaking ...

Interviewer : What did you do on 28th July and after that...( when rains settled down and damage was done )

Govinda : I went out to my area /constituency and met people..

Interviewer : But people are complaining that you didnt come

Govinda : I takes time to go everywhere...i went to 1 area one 1st day and next area on 2nd day and so on ...its a conspiracy my Media to frame me , the CM and Mr Ambani - that we arent doing enough...

Interviewer : What efforts have you made as of today ?

Govinda : We got sanctioned and distributed Rs 15 crore ( roughly Dollar 3.5 million )in the affected area . I personally went and met the families and people living in Jhuggi / jhopris ( slums) in the affected areas ..we gave some areas 4 lacs , some areas 8 lacs Rupees and so on ..

Interviewer : But people are still complaining ...they have lost so much...( a video plays of people being interviewed )...We will now have the aam janta of Mumbai (common man ...not read Mango people..puhlllzzz ) ask you the question directly ...

People : Hello Govinda....Hi Govinda..( they are excited at the oppurtunity to ask question to their favorite bollywood star ) .

Person 1 : I was with you in class 8th - to 10th

Person 2 : I was with you from childhood ...I am Sangeeta your freind

Person 3 : I am your x's y's ..z's....a''s , b's ...c's....We were so close...remember ???

Govinda : This has been a natural calamity..Govt.can 't be held responsible for this..Govt. is responsibile for relief efforts !!! ( Which he and Govt. do provide after 2 days of rains and floods !!! )

Interviewer : We will go into break..Govindaji !!! ( much respect for the MP who has done so much work ....from a grilling journo a loving fan...)

Govindaji : Adjusting his shades ..............

Break time advertisements ( translated in English ):

Advt 1 :

Do your efforts , India will change....
NDTV we bring you the truth...
So that you can understand and make a change ......

Advt 2 :
Ummeed se doogna ....KBC 2 ..coming tommorow !!!!
( a local TV Game show -indian copy of Who wants to be a millionaire? - which is now promising to give out Rs 2 crore ( half a million dollars in prize money ) - not for flood relief.... )

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Where ALL News channels , Portals , News Papers and Magazines have failed ....Guess what BLOGGERS have shown their dominance !!

I have been going through all the news channels , news papers , portals sites like rediff , indiatimes , yahoo , msn etc over the last 3 days .. time switching channels and watching news of the Mumbai floods and their grave impact on the lives of people..

The so called good channels like NDTV ,AAJ TAK , Star News , India TV....I have one word for them ...THEIR COVERAGE IS A BIG BULL SHIT !!!

None of them could actually show what was really happening in Mumbai . and I mean none . All of them had a set of images and videos which they kept rotating ...again and again..

Stupid interviews and even more stupid assessment of the situation..

If I had my way , the government should cancel the broadcasting licenses of most of the news so called 24 x 7 channels in India . They suck big time !! Not even one is Good . Yeah , NDTV ( my favorite till today ) included ....!!!

Infact as it turned out , the most comprehensive coverage of the "real" situation there has been summed up by my freind and blogger Kaushal and his freinds in Mumbai and their blogs and pics .

I am now taking the liberty to give Kaushal's summation of the situation there which he heard from his freinds in Mumbai..

Via Kronicles / Kaushal .........

Pooja's points (after I ask her for an update on the scene in Mumbai)...

-we lost a neighbor - he suffocated in his car while his wife n driver became unconcious
-cousin was stuck under a flyowver all nite
-friends day took 25 hours to reach bandra from ghatkopar
-the deaths in cars....almost 25 known cases
-water entered my friends bunglow right above the bed, furniture was floating
- i saw a dead body outside my friend's gate. man must have drowned
-police didnt do a thing for over aday
-electricity was gobe for over a day, still not restored in juhu
-candles that cost 1 buck were selling for 50 rupees
-no drinking water - ppl were selling in black
-linking road had over 10000 cars stranded all through out
-pitch dark - no place to move
-ppl who cud abandoned the cars and left. some died in the cars
-some lived n reached home a day later
-water snakes on the rds
-ppl i know have walked home ading thru water for 10 hrs
-there was chin deep water in juhu and andheri
-a bus was submerged in kalina
-over a 1000 buffaloes have died
-school kids were stranded in buses
-massive trees fallen, poles fallen, roads are broken
-the walls at carter road have holes - i think they must have broken deliberately
-coz the water from the high tide n rain had made the thing like a pool
-ppl were slipping in their houses in the dark cos they cusnt see the water
-pitch blackness for over a day
-i believe even in bandra where g7 is, they used navy boats to rescue ppl
-ppl began mobbing my friend's merc for a ride whey didnt offer, they sat on their bonnets n boots
-car locks and windows got jammed...thats how pl died
-just imagine this man we know, he drowned in his own bldg compound and his body lay there for over a day
-my neighbor cudnt even take his dad's body to delhi for the funeral coz of the flights
-cooper hosp in juhu....the icus are tsill without water
-there was a school kids and drivers body found outside utpal sanghvi...the famous school in juhu
-my masi's ceiling thats below the terrace leaked n she kept slipping in the dark
-her daughet was out with her college friend the entire nite. no ifo abt her. cells were dead, few mtnl lines wrkd
-landslides in andheri at saki naka - over a 100 have died
-lights flickering even now


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

25 dead in Mumbai ....These rains are a natural calamity : CM

25 dead in Mumbai: CM:

In my last post , I questioned to myself why can't the administration plan for drainage of the rain water in advance...the answer seems to be have been given by the CM today in his interview to ...excerpts below..

"Asked why his administration was not prepared to withstand Tuesday's torrential rain, Deshmukh said, 'In the last 24 hours we have recived 40 inches -- 944 millimetres of rain. You should count this fact also. Who could have thought of or planned for such heavy rain? Any kind of planning would have fallen short in view of yesterday's rainfall.'
'When you plan the pipelines for drainage of rain water,' he added, 'there is always a benchmark. No engineers could have planned to drain out this volume of water in less than 24 hours. All planning would have fallen short in such rain.'
'Please understand this is a natural calamity,' he said. 'Who would have expected such rain?'"

Heavy Rains cause floods in Mumbai ( financial capital of India )

Originally uploaded by GreyArea.

This pic via Flickr via GreyArea , illustrates the scene in Bombay . Notice the motorbikes on the right side of the screen .They have turned into waterbikes !!

Can the Municipality have better drainage systems in the most advanced of India's metropolis ??

Many people have been stranded stayed back in their offices during the entire night. Many of them fellow bloggers !!

Monday, July 18, 2005

The man is back...However there is twist in the tale in this pic . The clicker , is getting clicked, by another clicker . This blogspot is by a guy who is forever active on Flickr !!! Whoooa..Nice rhythm...What say Mr. Manchanda ?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

DUS reasons not to watch !!!! ( **)

Its a waste of time writing a review for this movie . However since I have spent some bucks and some time in going to the theatre to watch DUS . Here is my list of DUS ( ten ) reasons why not to watch this movie !!!

  1. Sunil Shetty - Even the ramlila which plays in my locality has better actors . All he does is shout in the movie !! Also his colored streaked hair makes him look a "wannabe "
  2. Riya Sen - " Mere bacho ko mat maro " " Mere bacho ko bacha lo " ...are the only 2 lines she has to say in the movie with conviction .....and guess what she makes herself sound Dharmendra !!
  3. Esha Deol - Her look in the movie makes you laugh ( infact this was the best paisa vasool part of the movie ) . She looks like a "lady Dharmendra" !! . She needs to act ...and fast !! Also I couldn't figure why she boards the plane in the end with small B ??
  4. Dialogues - " Aap jab mere ko beta bolte ho bada aacha lagta hai " ( tears roll down ) . " Cigarette main nahin pita" ( tears roll down ) .....Yeaah these are the moments which are supposed to be the drama element in the ??
  5. Gulshan Grover - He borrows his dress and look from Osama and acts like someone out from the menal hospital with a tabla playing hangover !! The most pathetic attempt ever in creating a villain .
  6. Diya Mirza - Zayed Khan track - Guys if you are in so called loved in the movie ?? Why did 'nt you get married ? Or was it me too busy with the popcorn ?
  7. The sangeet song - The 2 leading guys Zayed and AB are going on a TOP secret mission in the night and flying to Canada. They have just about managed to get time to dress up in white kurtas and red stoles and dance in a Ladies sangeet . So much for top secret services !!!
  8. Shilpa Shetty - Has a stupid batman tatto just above her butts in the movie !! Guess what ...Bats can act better then her !!
  9. AB - Esha track - !! A suggestion to the director ....He should have put in a romantic number in the Swiss Alps..maybe that would have worked for these 2 .
  10. What the hell is Venky ' s Rock - Whatever it is...they are not making money on this one for sure !!!

DO gud reasons in DUS :

  • Music
  • Pankaj Kapur

Had it not been for these 2 , I would have written a HAZZAR bahaney NOT to see DUS !!

Cheers !!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

this is the strand and the friday market with a sunset view... taken from the top of Aquarium Hotel - the only tall building on the Strand

gorgeous view...isnt it ???

this is the Townsville Mariner

this is the city center... the brown tall building is holiday inn...

this is the rock pool at the strand... it has ocean water coming in for people to swim safely... as this side of australia has the stingers (box-jelly fish) like the ones in finding nemo

another shot of the sunlight on the hill ....

From the plane..into the sunset .....

More views of the beach !!!

The Strand Beach ...Aerial view !!

Townsville , Queensland , Australia - through the lenses of Mohit Manchanda

All pics shown are Copyright (c) Mohit Manchanda

Friday, July 01, 2005

I am back in my OLD look !! Short hair....this time its...very very short !!! My mom is happy !!!!

High on energy and ideas !!!

Rehearsals and discussions !!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
Microsoft TechEd 2005 event managers doing a discussion session with the show MC and giving their ideas on the closing session .I got the privelege to see a preview of the closing session at pre show !!

Lights...Camera..Sound...Tech Ed !!!

I got to sit with the Microsoft Tech Ed 2005 event management team and saw some of the rehersals for their closing sessions of the Delhi show at Amity Business school Noida. The preparations were good and the energy of the team was commendable- at 11PM in the night after a 12 hour exhausting and humdid day of coordinating the event . Also they have held this at 4 previous cities in India and this was the last leg of their trip !! Guess these guys are on high dose of RED BULL !!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Race to the TOP !!!

The following email was rotated in our office and I couldn' t agree more with the view of the writer.

Brilliantly said ....

Interesting Article from a three times Pulitzer Prize winner and the foreign affairs columnist of the New York Times.

A Race to the Top By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN
Bangalore, India

It was extremely revealing traveling from Europe to India as French voters (and now Dutch ones) were rejecting the E.U. constitution - in one giant snub to President Jacques Chirac, European integration, immigration, Turkish membership in the E.U. and all the forces of globalization eating away at Europe's welfare states. It is interesting because French voters are trying to preserve a 35-hour work week in a world where Indian engineers are ready to work a 35-hour day. Good luck.Voters in "old Europe" - France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy - seem to be saying to their leaders: stop the world, we want to get off; while voters in India have been telling their leaders: stop the world and build us a stepstool, we want to get on.

I feel sorry for Western European blue collar workers. A world of benefits they have known for 50 years is coming apart, and their governments don't seem to have a strategy for coping.One reason French voters turned down the E.U. constitution was rampant fears of "Polish plumbers." Rumors that low-cost immigrant plumbers from Poland were taking over the French plumbing trade became a rallying symbol for anti-E.U. constitution forces. A few weeks ago Franz M√ľntefering, chairman of Germany's Social Democratic Party, compared private equity firms - which buy up failing businesses, downsize them and then sell them - to a "swarm of locusts."The fact that a top German politician has resorted to attacking capitalism to win votes tells you just how explosive the next decade in Western Europe could be, as some of these aging, inflexible economies - which have grown used to six-week vacations and unemployment insurance that is almost as good as having a job - become more intimately integrated with Eastern Europe, India and China in a flattening world.

To appreciate just how explosive, come to Bangalore, India, the outsourcing capital of the world. The dirty little secret is that India is taking work from Europe or America not simply because of low wages. It is also because Indians are ready to work harder and can do anything from answering your phone to designing your next airplane or car. They are not racing us to the bottom. They are racing us to the top.Indeed, there is a huge famine breaking out all over India today, an incredible hunger. But it is not for food. It is a hunger for opportunity that has been pent up like volcanic lava under four decades of socialism, and it's now just bursting out with India's young generation."India is the oldest civilization, the largest democracy and the youngest population - almost 70 percent is below age 35 and almost 50 percent is 25 and under," said Shekhar Gupta, editor of The Indian Express. Next to India, Western Europe looks like an assisted-living facility with Turkish nurses.Sure, a huge portion of India still lives in wretched slums or villages, but more and more of the young cohort are grasping for something better. A grass-roots movement is now spreading, demanding that English be taught in state schools - where 85 percent of children go - beginning in first grade, not fourth grade. "What's new is where this movement is coming from," said the Indian commentator Krishna Prasad. "It's coming from the farmers and the Dalits, the lowest groups in society." Even the poor have been to the cities enough to know that English is now the key to a tech-sector job, and they want their kids to have those opportunities.The Indian state of West Bengal has the oldest elected Communist government left in the world today. Some global technology firms recently were looking at outsourcing there, but told the Communists they could not do so because of the possibility of worker strikes that might disrupt the business processes of the companies they work for. No problem. The Communist government declared information technology work an "essential service," making it illegal for those workers to strike. Have a nice day."This is not about wages at all - the whole wage differential thing is going to reduce very quickly," said Rajesh Rao, who heads the innovative Indian game company, Dhruva. It is about people who have been starving "finally seeing the ability to realize their dreams." Both Infosys and Wipro, India's leading technology firms, received more than one million applications last year for a little more than 10,000 job openings.Yes, this is a bad time for France and friends to lose their appetite for hard work - just when India, China and Poland are rediscovering theirs.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blogging on the Indian highway !!

Oberoi Hotels - Cecil An Oberoi Resort Shimla

Hi this post is special . I am posting it from my car on Delhi - Shimla Highway . I am using Reliance R Connect connection with my laptop .

The net speed is good enough and it enables blogging too !!!

I will reach Shimla in some 4 hours from now . The best part of the trip is , I am staying at my favorite hotel there - Oberoi Cecil

Will keep posting pics from Shimla .

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cutting the 25th Bday cake for the 3rd time !!

Yeah yeah yeah...I am turning old . Turned 25 on 28th May and my family was gracious and celebrated enough - to have me cut 3 cakes !! ( At midnite , in the morning breakfast and at dinner )

I guess they wanted me to realise deep down to grow more mature / responsible / less anxious and whatever that comes with growing older .

Anyways this is the pic of me cutting the cake at my Birthday Dinner with my close family and some freinds.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dudek does magic ....Liverpool pulls off a miracle ...AC Milan gets f**** !!!

Saw this simply brilliant soccer match - after a long long time . Consider this .....

Liverpool are 3-0 down in the 1st half.

AC Milan are a definite winners at half time.

Within 6.5 minutes , Liverpool scores 3 goals .

Pressure for the next 40 odd minutes is on AC Milan .

In extra time ,in the last 3 minutes Liverpool 's Goalkeeper Dudek does a double save ( even on the rebound)

In the penalty shoot out , AC milan don't score in their first 2 shootouts !!!

Game ...Match ...Final ...Trophy Liverpool !!!

UEFA Champions League 2005 winner in a glorious manner are Liverpool

Yahoo! Messenger Beta 7 Vs SKYPE !!!!

The new Yahoo! Messenger beta 7 certainly rocks !!

Just tried a couple of calls with it to my online buddies and the voice clarity is amazing ( may I sau as good as SKYPE ).

The new version also has some cool integration with MS Outlook adress book and imports your contacts and /or invites them to use Yahoo! msgr .

Also check out the integrated search , bug free launchcast radio !!

Plus , they also have an Indian version already , which will feature cricket , Indian stocks rates etc .

Where is MSN in all this ???? hmmm..they still need some more avatars to work !!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Do I look cool or wot ??

Do I look cool or wot ??
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
Well...was just scanning through some old pics on my comp , when I got hold of this one . This is me partying with some school freinds on a Saturday nite last year . I had short ..very then !!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ok now back to cricket once again !!! This is me with the winning team of the Inter-Office cricket match !!! ( P.S : I hold the stumps after the win - in cricketing tradition - it means I was the best player of the match !!! ;-) ( i wish )

STAR WARS EPISODE III - Revenge of the Sith ( *****) : This is a great movie !!!! Fantastic ...Awesome ..Brilliant. The movie more then lives upto its expectations as the grand finale for the Star Wars Saga . The movie stiches all the details in combining the 2 trilogies and does a fantastic job of it too . I saw this movie today ( the first day of its worldwide release ) and must say ...this was definately worth the wait . The only complain...( hmmm..I guess nothing is perfect) - I did'nt like the Natalie portman crying sequence in the end ..It kinda looked funny , bollywoodish ( infact a lot many portions of the movie look Bollywoodish ) . Lucan could have done a better direction of that crying sequence. The emotion from a the actors ( Natalie mainly) didn't come across . Although I must add the BEST SEQUENCE of the movie for me ( definately not the obvious for me- it was neither the Skywalker - Kanobi fight nor was it the Darth Vader birth and breath sequence . ) . THE BEST SEQUENCE for me was the Yoda - Sith Lord fight in the Gallactic Parliament . Both of them actually were throwing chairs at each other ( even though they were BIG chairs and don't fit in the category of chair chair !!) . But anyhow the sequence reminded me of what happened a couple of years ago in the our own UP Assembly in India. MLAs throwing chairs at each other !!!!! Democracy !!! Lucas is definately inspired from India in this movie - BELIEVE IT OR NOT ????

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Me batting in low light !!! Umpire where are you ???

We had a cricket match organized at our office. The match was played in the evening but still it was too hot .
However we batted second and I got to bat in low lighting . Also the situation demanded some big hitting . I got out for a DUCK on the second ball !!!!

Mallika seen here at Cannes with Jackie Chan . Some quick facts about her :
  • The first and fastest Indian actress to do a full fledged Hollywood movie as a leading lady ( Asihwarya is not a leading lady yet !! )
  • She has only 2-3 Bollywood movies to her credit ( though they are jam packed with bolly-porn ..but thats another matter) .
  • Experts feel she has what it takes to be a TOP HOLLYWOOD Actress ( has - includes all unique and exclusive talents)
  • She was somehow acquainted ( in her struggling days ) to my freind

Mallika Sherawat arrives at Cannes to promote her new movie with Jackie Chan ( The Myth ) . According to many experts , she is the hottest thing to have HIT Cannes this year .

Yeaah...I know what you are thinking ...No Hollywood actress ...No French Model ....But a dark skinned Indian Actress !!!!

My logic for an explanation to this is - if the 1st Bollywood movie to your credit is action packed with 17 kissing scenes............Well - YOU DONT NEED TO BE ANYMORE HOT BABY !!!

Guys at Cannes do know their definition of Hot !!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How MTV made it big in India

A very informative case study on one of the top Music Channels in India. However I do differ from the team at MTV when they say there is only a " room full " of young people in India listening into English music from the west . "Room full " is stretching it too far . If they were "room full " then why did MTV launch VH1 ?? .

The point is MTV took a short cut to success in India ( which is what any good business would try and attempt to do ) . Instead of introducing more fusion content ( something like UK -Asian music ) in the mainstream , they relied and still rely more on Bollywood for their so called " local and original content " .
Bollywood in turn "mostly " copies Hollywood flicks and music !!!

If I was in the creative strategy team of MTV India , I would root for introducing more fusion content " Asian - UK " rather then only Bollywood !!

Guys at MTV ..if you need inspiration ..check out the Asian Channel on BBC Radio
How MTV made it big in India

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ash at cannes 2005

Ash at cannes 2005
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
Even though Indian movies ( apart from Satyajit Ray classic's )are not making any impact in the festival section of Cannes 05 . Indian beauties are making up for the spotlight presence . Aishwary is the deserves frontrunner in that ( just for her looks !!! )


Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
SUPER COMBINATION !!! French model Laetitia Casta ( **** the one I admire the most for her perfect beauty**** ) (R) poses with Indian actress Aishwarya Rai ( ** arguably the most beautiful women in the world**) during red carpet arrivals for the screening of German-born director Dominik Moll's film "Lemming" that opens the 58th Festival de Cannes May 11, 2005. (Reuters) . Cannes can't seem to get enough of these beauties . This is the second year the both of them are posing together at Red Carpet. I wish some Hollywood studio makes a BIG movie with these 2 leading ladies together . Indo-French beauties rock .!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Google Ponders Blogger Enhancements

Google is soon introducing Gmail integration with Blogger and also an Enterprise version of Blogger .
This is good news , since Blogger definately needs some major updates. Other Blogging engines like MSN Spaces , Yahoo 360 have much better functionality and Blogger definately needs a face lift .

Currently for an end use - Blogger is too much dependant on 3rd party tools , customization , tweaks etc which somehow gets boring and tedious after a while .

However for some this is also the fun part of using Blogger over other applications .

In any case an update is much needed.!!! - Google Ponders Blogger Enhancements

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Trying out Foto Flix !!!!

Trying my hand at this new Foto Flix tool which offers blogger support now . The tool seems to be cool for posting a flash animation sort of simple movie on your blogs , created with some pics and Mp3 music /sounds .

However the tool will evolve over a period of time to include more advanced features of photo editting , upload , syncronization etc

Also I dont like the by default minimum delay of 2 sec between each and every frame.

Why am I complaining ?? I have taken a free account which gives me 10MB space.

What more do I need ?? 2 GB of free space..offered not by Fotoflix but Google/Blogger ..ala Gmail ;-)

Guess we all are getting greedy.....

Google is to blame...

Sorry, your browser does not have the correct version of Flash installed.

Published by mohitinhere

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Warrior Within - Almost Finished !!! Woohoo...I am just 1 hour away from finishing Prince of Persia : Warrior Within on my Xbox . It feels great . With all the work and the client coordination and communication , getting time off for a game of POPWW is difficult . I am managing somehow. Feels great !! POPWW is an awesome game , teriffic in gameplay and sequences . Their cut scenes are so good , you want them to go on and on and on ......Soundtrack is brilliant and I have downloaded some tracks . However the bad part is repitition of scenarios , maps , locations and tasks . I mean after a while it got to my nerves !!! Anyways , I guess everything in this world has a negative side to it . I am also encouraging and tutoring my young cousins on starting a POPWW fansite . Will keep you posted on their progress . The fansite will feature their blog too !!! :-))

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The future of blogging | CNET

The future of blogging | CNET

"While most agree that blogging will continue to be popular, its next steps are uncertain. Demopoulos suggests that blogging overexposure is on the horizon. 'Right now, blogging is trendy,' he says. 'I see that lasting a few years, but it will slow down.' Hunter contends that blogging is here to stay, as many sites start to incorporate blogging features, and some news sites become more blog-like. The blogosphere will also become known for topics other than technology and politics. Two things are certain: Blogging will remain disruptive to the traditional media, and new uses will surface. 'You are going to see blogging move to video and instant messaging,' says Werbach. 'It's just the beginning.'"

A brilliant article on blogging . The article covers the current scenario in the blogosphere and also sheds some light into the future of blogging.

I agree fully with the paragraph marked in italics above . !!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pre "holi party color session" pic

Pre holi color session
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere. guessed it right. If this is how we looked pre color session at the party , imagine what we became after the ordeal which lasted for some 4-5 hours.

We had colored everyone in our gang when we met them at their homes to pick them up for the party .

A CHECKLIST of things to do one day after the party :
-My car is dirty .I mean real dirty.I need to get the seats dry cleaned today.
- I need to get myself cleaned today. I still have a few rounds of purple colo on my face which refuses to wash away. Need to get it right before I goto office on Monday
-My hair..yeaah..long locks..need some 20 rounds of shampoo and conditioner..they have suddenly become rought from being gentle ..
- Need to sleep .I dont know what I ate or drank. I cant sleep .It cant be bhang since it makes you sleep.

Red Bull : Holi madness

Red Bull : Holi madness
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
This is what excessive holi partying , colors ( the good and bad variety) and some uncounted rounds of beers , drinks , bhang etc does to you .

I went out with some freinds today to a farmhouse party in Chattarpur ( on the outskirts of Delhi ) for a Holi party.Had a wonderful time after a long time.

I mean if you think of it . A holi party ( the dirty variety) is anyday much better then a regular clubbing or disc session. You just cant seem to get enough of it.

I took a real beating today . eggs , watermelons or soem stupid juice , beers , kichhad( dirty water dark brown variety) ,bad colors ( pakka variety) and much more..I dont even remember..All mix and mashed over me..

But I have no regrets . I did the same to many people around me ;-)

Cheers!! Happy Holi !!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Google boy Kurtas and and Yahoo ! Girl cholis ;-)

Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
Well , some people have their own way of making a fashion statement. In India , in IT companies we have people wearing " Google Boy Kurtas" ( kurtas are traditional Indian wear comparable to T shirts ).

One reference pic is here ...

I was btw just thinking , YAHOO! GIRLS CHOLIS won't be a bad idea would it ??

Or Ipod Sarees.....hmmm ;-)

Holi Gang !!!

Holi Gang !!!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
It doesnt get any more colorful then this.Holi parties are everywhere in Delhi right now . From Officies , to Parks ( joggers playing holi and throwing water balloons while jogging) , to Clubs ( bollywood remixed club nite was advertised in the papers today ) . If you love a party of a time , you gotta be in India during Holi. Else with some pics on this blog on Holi :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Color your life !!! Go ahead do the naughty thing you have been waiting for ....this is the time....Happy Holi !!! Love Mohit :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This lovely picture of New year celebration in Sydney was clicked by my friend Mohit Manchanda . This pic also got nominated for a local photography competition in his state . ( Picture Copyright Mohit Manchanda 2005)

Mind Bytes feed on your MSN !!!

I have just configured LiveMessageAlert system on my blog. You can see the small orange icon on the right menu .

If you click on the icon , it takes you to FREE feed subscription page , where you can sign in with your MSN / Hotmail id and subscribe to get Mind Bytes feed , on your MSN / Hotmail and Mobile !!!

Hence , you will stay updated as things heat up in my mind !!!

Cheers !!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Missed Ms Casta on my blog for a loooooonnng time. Hence here she her usual BEST !!! Enjoy..

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Before n After Effect !!

Before n After Effect !!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
A comparison pic of my hair 8 months ago and as of today !! Btw I still wear specs today...just not in the pic of a good Before n After effect ;-) ...Anyways..the point is..I have worked hard on growing my hair long..I want to enjoy it and comparing with previous ( vanilla..short cut hair ) style hair is FUN !! I think long hair give you a good bounce which is good and enjoyable. The only worry is shampoo and conditioner is expensive..please donate generously !! Next time you meet me , you know what to gift ;-)

Long tresses which took some hard work ...

For most of you who have been enquiring how do I look in my long hair..( I have been working on growing my short crew cut hair and changing my hair style ..for the last 8 months now..) Naah..its doesnt mean saving on the barber shop..infact surprisingly ( and its true ) means more frequent visit to the saloon to get a good trim done. However I have realised and gained more respect for people with long hair ( especially who are in Delhi , India ). Since its very difficult to grow them long in the summers...( I mean its more difficult then most things I know ). Anyways , let me know your opinion on my new hair style. The winning entry ( adjudged by who else but me ) gets a personally signed empty bottle of Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner free..!!! WOW...isnt it gr8 ..Cheers!! ( Timepassing on the blog )

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Inspirational lessons from the world's richest Indian

LN Mittal is not only the richest Indian alive but also Forbes 3rd richest in the world .

He virutally has a monopoly on the worldwide steel industry and has recently only been in news either for buying companies in Europe or purchasing multi million dollar homes or the lavish weeding of his son.

Saw his interview on TV last week , he seemed very humble and down to earth .

Good for India and inspiration to Indians. !! :-)

Inspirational lessons from the world's richest Indian- Spirituality - Indiatimes

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Better LATE then NEVER !!!

I feel really embarrased in admitting this , but I guess I have NO other option.
Even though I have been active for almost 1 year now on the Blogging space , however I didnt care to have my blog " Atom and RSS Enabled " .

Reason....Well its hard for me to pin down one ...but I guess I can blame it on lack of time.

However since in today's day and age , I have read and learnt - not having RSS on your blog is as good as committing a suicide from the blogging world. !!!

As you would see , this BLOG is now re-powered by ATOM , RSS and the likes and you can comfortably subscribe to its feed now :-) on the following :
  • Any RSS reader /Newsreader including
  • MyYahoo!
  • MyMSN
  • Newsgator
I guess better late then NEVER !!

I promise now ....more and more posts are coming your way soon...


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We are playing the XBOX games on a Sony Home Theatre and a Project TV ( 52" ) and the cinematics , graphics , video , audio on the games are to be played to be believed..Simply brilliant . Lord of the Rings has an amazing merging together of cinematics from the original movies ( 1,2,3) and involving them in the game play. I look forward to Doom 3 being released for Xbox and playing my hands on it. I FEEL GOOD !!

XBOXXING !!!! I went with my 1st cousin today and we got XBOX Crystal pack Limited edition today and WOW...This thing ROCKS !! I didnt go with a lot of research on this , however the guy at the shop informed us a lot on it and its advantages. We also got some 6 gaming titles like LOTR : ROTK , Need4Speed Underground Platinum Edition , Halo2 , Prince of Persia 3d , Midnight Club , NBA/NHL/NFL Live 2004 ( Ea Sports) and ALL games are very very cool. I look forward to spending some time ( 1 hour a day a must ) on this beautie.....yippeeeee!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

'India will become bigger than the US!'

Read this very interesting interview on Rediff. Many people living in India and working in IT and ITES sector , do actually believe in the power of Indian population . They can see the hoards of jobs and boom everywhere in India as well as onsite locations throughout the world.They also see that they are EQUALLY TALENTED if not better then MOST of their counterparts around the world including USA .

'India will become bigger than the US!'

Friday, February 18, 2005

MSN India - Narhai boy tops NASA's ISD exam

Brilliance is everywhere !!! One just needs to open their eyes to it. Imagine ..all the young people from high income families and whose parents invest a major part of their earnings in their studies....are either found dancing at clubs , pubs or yearning for a foreign study in USA , UK ( by investing more money) .

This genius from a small town or village of India - whose parents probably would not be earning more then $1000 a month ( the entire family would depend on this income for food , living , rent , electricity ) has topped the NASA exam !!!!!

As the famous quote goes these days in India..

A young illeterate yet bright man built Reliance Industries ( a company worth billions of Dollars ..biggest in India ) by himself.ALL ALONE..

And his 2 Harvard and Stanford literate sons...are doing everything they can to tarnish his legacy !!!

Splitting the businesses after just 1.5 years of their fathers death.

Cheers to Expensive education !!
MSN India - Narhai boy tops NASA's ISD exam

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pain !!!

If blogging could heal all my pain..I would blog all day for you , about you , thinking of you..with or without you !!!

Unfortunately , neither this post is relevant nor we....anymore !!

Hence wtf or not blog....nothing will change... for bad or worse..!!!

---- I am what we call in blogging Anonymous comment on your post !!!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Out of need springs desire, and out of desire springs the energy and the will to win. - Denis Waitley

Monday, February 07, 2005

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 A letter from Bill Gates

Tried out the new Search from ....No comments !!
I hate to say this...but I still dont like the new design of MSN ...this Blue is too much !!! They should know some more colors surely ??? A letter from Bill Gates

Small Sweet Friendly Irony !!!

Lesson for the day :

" Never introduce a freind to an online freindship /dating/community service ----there are chances you might loose your freind to the big bag freindly options around !! "

It so happened that I introduced one of my freinds to an Online Free Buddy service offered by MSN India last year . BuddyZone ( thank god their website and service is temporarily down these days )

My freind ( a good natured , honest and trsutworthy female in this case..) made freinds with some guy from USA ( who is engaged or hitched or something ) and is coming to Delhi for some marriage work .or to visit India or her ( maybe he likes her..whatever )

However as it turns out , I was having this telephonic conversation with this freind of mine and was referring to meeting up for some coffee or something. ( Since I have some treats due for the beautiful community service work I do...referring some freelance projects etc etc :-) ) .

I persisted a lot since it had been really loong since we met and its always nice to meet freinds and talk things apart from work ( since my work consumes most of my time) etc etc.

We talk and come to a conclusion that we will plan on this coffee/lunch later after referring to our appointment dairy since we both are very busy....much in demand creatures of the Web industry !!!

My freinds refers to me that the new job is making her extremely busy etc etc ( and I can understand and agree to this ) and then later in the conversation quietly refers to a net freind from Buddyzone landing up from US to meet her..... #&*(($%$#^%^*&&....

I raise her a question ?? Buddyzone ..?? Is the netfreind from some online zone that important ??

Then I re-thought atfer the conversation ended...

Even I have made some freinds online ..through some forums / web communities / blogging /MSN/Yahoo chats etc etc..

The freinds I made online - they would have been someone elses me getting to be their "new" freinds..must have deprived their freinds of their time !!


Moral of the story...


If you wanna be freinds with someone and stay that way....for your freindship sakes.. dont refer a freindly online service ....... !!!

P.S : even if you refer a new online service..make get all the Quality "freindly " leads from the service for yourself first !! ( This is NOT the marketing guy in me talking ...but a freind deprived of his freindly time talking)....

Monday, January 31, 2005

I ll make it up to you ( my )

I know ..I know..I have been missin out on regular bloggin of late...

But I have my valid reasons...Tonnes of things...( yeaah..I mean tonnes ) happening in my life...All at the same time..

  • Got promoted and have now new /fresher and broader responsibilities on my shoulder..!! Phew ..
  • Sorting internal mind issues ...why do I think of those things again and again ..who are those ???...even I dont know. for sure...maybe I am scared to face the eventual truth ...sometimes.I just get zapped...dont know wot..need fresh A*I*R ... I guess. huh ?
  • Saw some cool and some uncool movies like The Aviator , White Chicks , Kisna , Page 3 , The Passion of the Christ ...yeahh.being a movie buff does take a toll of your time..hey ..but I dont mind..Its one of things I am living for...seeing lively images ..!!
  • Got revisted by my Old hobby...yeah...I cant sleep till 6 am anymore..Help me GOD !! I need to learn how to sleep. Re teach me.
  • Listening to some brand new Music ...GOA TRANCE !!!

Lots more bloggin to come..I am back with a vengeance !!!

BTW : The visitor stats on my blog are growing everyday from the past few weeks ( ever since I have stopped posting).I would like to thank all you guys for keeping the counter tickin in my absence..!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Year 2004 in Pictures !!!! Created this collage of pictures using a cool new tool Picasa 2.0 from who elz...but the brilliant guys at Google. You have to use this tool to understand its brilliance...that for for FREE !!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

CLOSER ( ***) : BRUTALLY HONEST !!! Yeaah...thats what I thought while I was watching this movie today .. Ofcourse Natalie Portman looked fabulous and sexy throughout the movie and it gets tough to focus on the story for a while. Especially in the strip club scene...found it hard to focus on the movie and goings for a while...However jokes apart...This movie is for all of us...who lie..unkowingly in situations..just to have a short cut way out of the while dilemma of having to confront a situation. The movie also speaks a lot about human relationions and love. Come to think of it..there is nothing which exists today as PURE LOVE !!! Everyone is trying to find a way out - settle - unsettle -re settle ...wutever...In the end its actually a game for time passing our lives..Great performance by Natalie ( i am biased to her) but a good cast with decent performaces and good story..Well constructed..!!