Sunday, January 16, 2005

CLOSER ( ***) : BRUTALLY HONEST !!! Yeaah...thats what I thought while I was watching this movie today .. Ofcourse Natalie Portman looked fabulous and sexy throughout the movie and it gets tough to focus on the story for a while. Especially in the strip club scene...found it hard to focus on the movie and goings for a while...However jokes apart...This movie is for all of us...who lie..unkowingly in situations..just to have a short cut way out of the while dilemma of having to confront a situation. The movie also speaks a lot about human relationions and love. Come to think of it..there is nothing which exists today as PURE LOVE !!! Everyone is trying to find a way out - settle - unsettle -re settle ...wutever...In the end its actually a game for time passing our lives..Great performance by Natalie ( i am biased to her) but a good cast with decent performaces and good story..Well constructed..!!

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