Monday, June 28, 2004

This is a lake in Ladakh called Tsu Moriri and this pic is taken by Pavni's dad ( A photographer by hobby) . Notice the different shades in green and blue..The pic was taken by Pavnis dad on their vacation to Leh/Ladakh.The army guys told them that many people have died by jumping in the river , since they felt that the river is calling them !!! I wonder wots inside ???

A small poem for "Die Hard Lovers" !!!!

I dont want to sound depressing ( or be seen as depressed ) , but as most of us of my age , I have also undergone the pain of having to leave or breakup with a loved one.
However this post is not about me , its about this lovely poem which a freind of mine wrote .Her name is Pavni and she is a very sweet and mysterious girl. One of those P-E-R-F-E-C-T kinds ( Pavni , seriously I am not flirting here ).
However her poem is lovely and I am posting it here for all of you .( I have changed the poem to be from a viewpoint of a guy for a girl...she wrote it from the viewpoint of a girl to a guy...not much change expect I have replaced a word "man " with "woman" )
Enjoy and let me know your comments , I will forward it to her.....

Shattering dream by Pavni

Here you are just with me, loving me so much, so tenderly
Making my present more beautiful than yesterday
My senses rejoicing in your presence every day

You walked into my life when I thought I was happy alone
Lonesome I was till you stepped in my world
You brought me happiness and laughter in galore
I was best with you, I was now so sure

Quite a few people dissuaded me to be yours
Warning me that your advances were for some ulterior cause
Careless me never heeded any of such things
Blindly followed my heart in pursuit of my dream

A dream of better tomorrows and love blooming everywhere
A dream with you in my life, the only woman who’d be there

Alas ! A mere dream, never to be real for me
I lost you amidst crowd, you went somewhere, never to be ever seen

I knew it was too good, Gods couldn’t be so benevolent with me,
You seemed like a cherub sent exclusively for lonely me.
Had I sinned too much, for you left me in between,
Or was it people who weren’t happy to see me in ecstasy?

You walked far away, never to be heard again,
Sad and depressed, I did not know what to do next.
I waited and waited to hear from you once more,
My love was strong but would I get you back, I was not sure.

Years passed by and I still stood waiting for you,
Surviving on sweet memories, was the only thing I had with me of you.
Life was at a stand still, everything had stagnated for me,
You never came back, but my hope never ever ceased.

I was on my death bed, praying hard to see you once again,
To hold your hand, to look into those eyes, to feel ‘us’ again.
My heart beating fast, and my hands folded, oh I prayed and prayed,
I never knew when it all stopped but my eyes were open to see you again.

Friday, June 25, 2004

IndianRailways is the B2C boss in India

Came across this piece of information.
Indian railways are undoubtedly doing a very good job on their online Train ticket booking website .
However as a end use this is my wishlist from their webmaster and IRCTC :
1. A good GUI and website design. The website is an E-comm website and can do with a pleasant looking web site design. The banner advetisements need to be shown in a much better manner.
2. If IRCTC can somehow manage to have 24x 7 booking , instead of the current 8am -8pm booking ( and 2pm on sunday ) , then they will truly ROCK !! I guess there is some legal issue here , the Indian railways dont want the online user to have an undue advantage over people who arent online and dont have net connectivity.I gues they feel people like touts and some small time travel agents might take undue advantage from this.
3.OnlineTicket Auctioining , something like what airlines like Air Sahara , Indian Airlines are doing wont be a bad idea ???
4. The current service and shipping charge of Rs 60 on a Rs 620 ticket purchase is too high ( if you buy a Shatabdi ticket from Delhi - Kanpur )....they need to lower the percentage. A regular travel agent charges Rs 30 per ticket as ticket booking charge and home delivers the ticket. Here we are paying Rs 80 extra over Rs 620.
5.Some online advt campaigns like Dept of Tourism wont be a bad idea...

However , IRCTC is doing a very commendable job..!!! GOOD work !!

Railways is the B2C boss

The final Story : eBay buys for $50 mn

Here is the news clipping completing the eBay-Baazee story.
I guess good times are soon arriving on Indian shores with this acquisition.

eBay buys for $50 mn

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

eBay likely to buy out

The morning paper today had this as the headline story...
This Headline news in todays newspaper doesnt come as a shock to me and many like me.Baazee s business model in India has always been to just copy what ebay has been doing...ofcourse they surely put some local flavour into the whole thing.
However if Ebay India has to suceed and make profits unlike Baazee , they need to get all the technology , features , frills and chills of Ebay USA on Ebay India.
They also need to find someway , in which Indian sellers can sel their products and services directly on Ebay USA ( which has 100000 times more business ) , not that Indian sellers cant do this right now. The problem arises in them not getting facilities to have funds transferred to their local Indian bank accounts and not having a clear strategy on how to partner with Logistics companies like DHL , FedEX.
If these 2 issues are resolved , I have no doubt in my mind that Ebay India will be a big success and make profits unlike Baazee......
eBay likely to buy out - The Economic Times

Closing my mouth and speaking my MIND !!

What I did 4 years ago ???

For those of you who are wondering , what I did 4 years back ( at the age of 20 ) and how I eventually landed up in the IT and Web Solutions Marketing field...
Well here is a brief on how it all started for me..

I was pursuing BCA( Bachelors in Computer Applications ) and CA ( Chartered Accountancy ~ Indian equivalent of an American CPA )..I know this is a weird combination..but this is how I landed up after school..
One leg in Computers and One leg in Finance and accounts..
However after passing my 1st year papers of CA , I realised I didnt have my heart and soul in Finance and Accounts.
Hence I left CA mid-way much to the horror of my parents and freinds.
Not that I wasnt good in Accounts or Commerce...infact I was very good in Accounts and commerce ( I got above 90% in these subjects in my 12th Board exams ) and even at the CA level , which is very tough..I was good in accounts...but as thay say..somethings are destined.. what...I had to do something along with my BCA...hence I joined my cousin brother..who was Marketing marketing I mean physical Marketing ..Sharbats , Thandais and more then 500 ayurvedic medicines of a family owned Ayurvedic company called " Dindayal" .
I suggested my cousin " Sumit " the idea of selling these products via the Internet Shopping Malls on Popular portals like , , ( it was big then..then went they have recovered) , and many others

I used to coordinate practically ALL the activites involved in Online Selling..
- Coordinate product placements on the web stores
- Finalizing pricing and promotions
- Handling Logistics and shipping
- In big seasons like Diwali , Holi , etc..I sometimes even used to pack the products with my ensure a good gift delivery

A sample of one such promotion which I coordinated at the time of Holi is on the link Shopping

The webstore with Rediff for Dindayal , looked something like this... :Dindayal

The project was a decent success..since we ventured into it at the time of dot com boom and perhaps were the 1st company in India to sell products like Sharbats , Thandais , Dry fruits , Religious Pooja kits , Weigth Reduction Ayurvedic medicine online..through web stores...


And in pursuing this passion further , I parted with Kamayani Aushadhi ( who marketed the products online on behalf of Dindayal) and started working as a FULL TIME Consultant for a start up IT and Web Solutions company based in Dallas Texas and with an offshore development center in New Delhi.

Currently , I am still working as a consultant with this company and have worked on more then 50+ Web and IT projects from across 5 countries ( USA , UK , Australia , UAE , Canada ) with them.

Also my current passions include researching online on technology , music , movies , digital devices , Laetitia Casta ( she is the only women who comes in my dreams !!! )

I will touch on more fascinating stories from my ealier years in my future posts on this journal....!!!!

Bill Gates backs blogs for businesses !!

I just wondered on what the big corporate honchos thought on Blogging ? and the first name that came to my mind was BILL GATES.
The link tells on what he feels on blogging....
Read along...
BBC NEWS | Technology | Gates backs blogs for businesses

Laetitia Casta in a campaign for GUESS . She has been a popular model for Fashion brands like Guess , Swarvovski , Victoria Secrets and many others...

Fashion and Me ?? ....Yes ....Yes ...Yes !!!!

About 7 days back I conducted a 2 hour lecture cum interactive session at the JD Institute of Fashion Design and Technology ( at their beautiful Main campus in Hauz Khaz Village).The lecture had the aim of "Introducing Internet and its applications for young Fashion Designers and Fashion Students" .

You must be wondering ..Fashion ..Mohit ??? Isnt he a IT /Web Project Marketing guy ? Whats he doing lecturing Fashion design students ...???
Well , to answer all these questions and to further dwell into this interesting story..let me take you to an event about 2 years back..!!

Well ,I had my cousin Rupal who was pursuing Jewellery Design at JD Institute .JD organizes these annual graduation events for design students , where in a plush Five start hotel setting..the students get to show their creations on a grand scale..yes you heard it right..on a grand scale..

The event is organized very professionaly by the folks at JD and they leave no stone unturned..after they are showcaising the professional designers work which their institute produces.
The event is marked by a Grand Fashion show on the 2 day events , 2nd night..

So here was I at the Intercontinental Hotel in New Delhi in 2002 , checking out desings done by students designers...asking the students designers..questions..even though I didnt understand half of their technical answers relating to fabric and cut...

However I did learn some cool phrases and fashion terms , their meaning..Haute Couture....Pret..stuff like these..!!!

During my course of interaction with the students I realised their work was as good as any work or piece of fashion cloth ..I would buy from any Big Retail outlet and I would end up paying a hefty price for it too..
In essence...the students had true talent in them...

In my talks with the students I the fashion circle..a new Fashion designer is basically faced with 3 main decissions/obstacles..which if they manage to overcome succesfully..they will hit the BIG TIME...!! There will be no stopping them ..

The 3 decissions would be :
1. Whether to join a Fashion- export house/Reputed Fashion designer after graduation as a "Trainee "
2. Whether to start up their own small " Boutique " outfit in their city , with some funding from their savings and parents money.
3. Whether to start their own Label ...can they become THE Armani of the new economy...??

The answer to any of these 3 obstacles would depend on the individuals choice or preferences in most of the cases..
However ..this wot my small idea factory started cooking up...

What if theese young Fashion Designers in India did this :
1. Ignore the options 1 or 2 above
2. Focus on Option 2.
3. Plan their label , get funding for their operations from their savings and great old parents
4. Network heavily amongst the fashion frat pack..fellow young designers...learn from each other ..
5. Try and gain momemtum ..and rotate the labels name in the market..and who knows...we might have a winner..a young armani..???..

I know most of you guys might be saying by now..what the hell ..this is rubbish..a person needs on the job experience under an established even think remotely of starting his own label..this is day dreaming..!!! RUBBISH ...

But in lies my argument..
1. The current big fashion designers from India...what did they do when they were young students?? did they have a fashion designer under whom they trained..or did they take up small jobs in export houses..or did they ventured on their own..???
The answer here will be....most of the big ones..ventured on their own..agreed the market was nascent and new then..its much mature now..!!

2. In any other field like Sports..we keep on hearing these new heroes..a Sachin in cricket at the age of 16 ( the Indian equivalent of baseball) , Tiger woods in Golf..a black playing golf in USA and winning everything under the sun.. IN bussines in India..a Dhirubhai Ambani..a farmer..who made the biggest empire in Indian economy ???

3. These young people have talent in their fields of work ( Fashion here ),have good solid eduational backround and good training from institute like JD...PLUS PLUS PLUS..they have the power of technology , internet ...which a Rohit Bal , Ritu Beri , JJ Valaya etc never had..and even if they can utilize it now..are too occupied in their business and minting money to even think about utilizing the Internet to their maximum advantage...Look at all the websites of big Fashion designers in India ...these websites show just some portfolio..some sexy models..some good lounge music in the background..and voila..thats the limit..they will be "creative" with the internet...and OHHH YES....Flash website and an HTML version for weak bandwidth machines...

Just this..these BIG Fashion designer would never extend their limits and go international or even try to attempt doing a more voyueristic fashion..creative way..Look at Victoria Look at Guess ..this is American Corporatization of Fashion..making it a good internationally..and being very very HIGH on "creativity with the internet medium".

Hence here in lies my strategy ..for these young Fashion designers..
1. Use the internet something unique and never heard of before..think of something..I would dare to say even copy what their American and European counterpart students are doing..( the Indian big guys will never have the energy to even think of this) have vast space..a vast sky open for you..compete in this sky..make your web intiative so creative that you will directly attract good buyers both Nationally and internationally..THE WHOLE DOMAIN IS OPEN FOR YOU TO EXPERIMENT..DO IT NOW..BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE CATCHES THE BUS..AND HAS THE FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE..
2. Pool up funds in your community or have an institute like JD fund a "Online Networking Project " for young fashion designers..
Make a thriving online young students Fashion -work -create..WIN WIN..!!

This was the essence of my 2 hour lecture at the institute and gauging from the response..I thought it made sense to the students..
I could write another article on steps to make the 3 points above work..( here in I am speaking as a Web Consultant now )...

Conclusion : Someone please wake up and lets have an Indian SAREE LAbel ..which sells on Times Sqaure ..New york.. in a big a STORE..and a big ONLINE Store like GUESS OR VICTORIA...( I actually have big soft corner for those models )
The current BIG Fashion designers from India will never be able to do this..since they are too slow..too NON CREATIVE ( as far as Web and internet goes)....Guys you have a chance..

Web References :

- A Glimpse of students with whom I conducted the interactive session can be seen on this link...
Tomorrows stylists define fashion : Smartzone :

Note : The views expressed here are solely of the writer and has nothing to do with any of the organizations or individuals mentioned above.

Comments on the articles and critique of the concept/idea would be seeked and appreciated..

Monday, June 21, 2004

A glimpse of pure beauty and bliss!

Taking a Coffe Break !!

The Blogging journey begins !!

Over the last 5 active years of being online and working in the Internet industry ,I have come to realise one vital thing..."IT / it" doesnt stop must be wondering ..what is this "it " ...For me this " it " is Information Technology ( IT ).. AND this " it " is..the mind....the soul..the heart !!!

Hence hereafter whenever in my posts you see me referring to " it " ..use the glossary below..

IT - Information technology
it ~ mind , soul , heart

I have come to realise this "it " is at the focus of all we do ..all we live for..all we stress 24 x7 stimulate.. !!

Yes , come to think of it..all we do 24 x 7 is ..trying to stimulate this "it " ---mind , soul, heart..not in that particular order...rather per our preference..

I know my first posts sounds confusing...but that what I am at this moment..confused..

I have opened my blog as a way and means of reliving myself of this sharing it with someone...somewhere..who can fully understand..

What is it like to be ME !!!!

Me in office !!