Friday, June 25, 2004

IndianRailways is the B2C boss in India

Came across this piece of information.
Indian railways are undoubtedly doing a very good job on their online Train ticket booking website .
However as a end use this is my wishlist from their webmaster and IRCTC :
1. A good GUI and website design. The website is an E-comm website and can do with a pleasant looking web site design. The banner advetisements need to be shown in a much better manner.
2. If IRCTC can somehow manage to have 24x 7 booking , instead of the current 8am -8pm booking ( and 2pm on sunday ) , then they will truly ROCK !! I guess there is some legal issue here , the Indian railways dont want the online user to have an undue advantage over people who arent online and dont have net connectivity.I gues they feel people like touts and some small time travel agents might take undue advantage from this.
3.OnlineTicket Auctioining , something like what airlines like Air Sahara , Indian Airlines are doing wont be a bad idea ???
4. The current service and shipping charge of Rs 60 on a Rs 620 ticket purchase is too high ( if you buy a Shatabdi ticket from Delhi - Kanpur )....they need to lower the percentage. A regular travel agent charges Rs 30 per ticket as ticket booking charge and home delivers the ticket. Here we are paying Rs 80 extra over Rs 620.
5.Some online advt campaigns like Dept of Tourism wont be a bad idea...

However , IRCTC is doing a very commendable job..!!! GOOD work !!

Railways is the B2C boss

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