Monday, June 28, 2004

A small poem for "Die Hard Lovers" !!!!

I dont want to sound depressing ( or be seen as depressed ) , but as most of us of my age , I have also undergone the pain of having to leave or breakup with a loved one.
However this post is not about me , its about this lovely poem which a freind of mine wrote .Her name is Pavni and she is a very sweet and mysterious girl. One of those P-E-R-F-E-C-T kinds ( Pavni , seriously I am not flirting here ).
However her poem is lovely and I am posting it here for all of you .( I have changed the poem to be from a viewpoint of a guy for a girl...she wrote it from the viewpoint of a girl to a guy...not much change expect I have replaced a word "man " with "woman" )
Enjoy and let me know your comments , I will forward it to her.....

Shattering dream by Pavni

Here you are just with me, loving me so much, so tenderly
Making my present more beautiful than yesterday
My senses rejoicing in your presence every day

You walked into my life when I thought I was happy alone
Lonesome I was till you stepped in my world
You brought me happiness and laughter in galore
I was best with you, I was now so sure

Quite a few people dissuaded me to be yours
Warning me that your advances were for some ulterior cause
Careless me never heeded any of such things
Blindly followed my heart in pursuit of my dream

A dream of better tomorrows and love blooming everywhere
A dream with you in my life, the only woman who’d be there

Alas ! A mere dream, never to be real for me
I lost you amidst crowd, you went somewhere, never to be ever seen

I knew it was too good, Gods couldn’t be so benevolent with me,
You seemed like a cherub sent exclusively for lonely me.
Had I sinned too much, for you left me in between,
Or was it people who weren’t happy to see me in ecstasy?

You walked far away, never to be heard again,
Sad and depressed, I did not know what to do next.
I waited and waited to hear from you once more,
My love was strong but would I get you back, I was not sure.

Years passed by and I still stood waiting for you,
Surviving on sweet memories, was the only thing I had with me of you.
Life was at a stand still, everything had stagnated for me,
You never came back, but my hope never ever ceased.

I was on my death bed, praying hard to see you once again,
To hold your hand, to look into those eyes, to feel ‘us’ again.
My heart beating fast, and my hands folded, oh I prayed and prayed,
I never knew when it all stopped but my eyes were open to see you again.

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Anonymous said...

hi mohit... this s rohit.. ur fellow CGite.. i kind of liked this poem friend! great guns. keep up the good work i like ur blog.. interesting write ups buddy