Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dudek does magic ....Liverpool pulls off a miracle ...AC Milan gets f**** !!!

Saw this simply brilliant soccer match - after a long long time . Consider this .....

Liverpool are 3-0 down in the 1st half.

AC Milan are a definite winners at half time.

Within 6.5 minutes , Liverpool scores 3 goals .

Pressure for the next 40 odd minutes is on AC Milan .

In extra time ,in the last 3 minutes Liverpool 's Goalkeeper Dudek does a double save ( even on the rebound)

In the penalty shoot out , AC milan don't score in their first 2 shootouts !!!

Game ...Match ...Final ...Trophy Liverpool !!!

UEFA Champions League 2005 winner in a glorious manner are Liverpool

Yahoo! Messenger Beta 7 Vs SKYPE !!!!

The new Yahoo! Messenger beta 7 certainly rocks !!

Just tried a couple of calls with it to my online buddies and the voice clarity is amazing ( may I sau as good as SKYPE ).

The new version also has some cool integration with MS Outlook adress book and imports your contacts and /or invites them to use Yahoo! msgr .

Also check out the integrated search , bug free launchcast radio !!

Plus , they also have an Indian version already , which will feature cricket , Indian stocks rates etc .

Where is MSN in all this ???? hmmm..they still need some more avatars to work !!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Do I look cool or wot ??

Do I look cool or wot ??
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Well...was just scanning through some old pics on my comp , when I got hold of this one . This is me partying with some school freinds on a Saturday nite last year . I had short ..very then !!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ok now back to cricket once again !!! This is me with the winning team of the Inter-Office cricket match !!! ( P.S : I hold the stumps after the win - in cricketing tradition - it means I was the best player of the match !!! ;-) ( i wish )

STAR WARS EPISODE III - Revenge of the Sith ( *****) : This is a great movie !!!! Fantastic ...Awesome ..Brilliant. The movie more then lives upto its expectations as the grand finale for the Star Wars Saga . The movie stiches all the details in combining the 2 trilogies and does a fantastic job of it too . I saw this movie today ( the first day of its worldwide release ) and must say ...this was definately worth the wait . The only complain...( hmmm..I guess nothing is perfect) - I did'nt like the Natalie portman crying sequence in the end ..It kinda looked funny , bollywoodish ( infact a lot many portions of the movie look Bollywoodish ) . Lucan could have done a better direction of that crying sequence. The emotion from a the actors ( Natalie mainly) didn't come across . Although I must add the BEST SEQUENCE of the movie for me ( definately not the obvious for me- it was neither the Skywalker - Kanobi fight nor was it the Darth Vader birth and breath sequence . ) . THE BEST SEQUENCE for me was the Yoda - Sith Lord fight in the Gallactic Parliament . Both of them actually were throwing chairs at each other ( even though they were BIG chairs and don't fit in the category of chair chair !!) . But anyhow the sequence reminded me of what happened a couple of years ago in the our own UP Assembly in India. MLAs throwing chairs at each other !!!!! Democracy !!! Lucas is definately inspired from India in this movie - BELIEVE IT OR NOT ????

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Me batting in low light !!! Umpire where are you ???

We had a cricket match organized at our office. The match was played in the evening but still it was too hot .
However we batted second and I got to bat in low lighting . Also the situation demanded some big hitting . I got out for a DUCK on the second ball !!!!

Mallika seen here at Cannes with Jackie Chan . Some quick facts about her :
  • The first and fastest Indian actress to do a full fledged Hollywood movie as a leading lady ( Asihwarya is not a leading lady yet !! )
  • She has only 2-3 Bollywood movies to her credit ( though they are jam packed with bolly-porn ..but thats another matter) .
  • Experts feel she has what it takes to be a TOP HOLLYWOOD Actress ( has - includes all unique and exclusive talents)
  • She was somehow acquainted ( in her struggling days ) to my freind

Mallika Sherawat arrives at Cannes to promote her new movie with Jackie Chan ( The Myth ) . According to many experts , she is the hottest thing to have HIT Cannes this year .

Yeaah...I know what you are thinking ...No Hollywood actress ...No French Model ....But a dark skinned Indian Actress !!!!

My logic for an explanation to this is - if the 1st Bollywood movie to your credit is action packed with 17 kissing scenes............Well - YOU DONT NEED TO BE ANYMORE HOT BABY !!!

Guys at Cannes do know their definition of Hot !!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How MTV made it big in India

A very informative case study on one of the top Music Channels in India. However I do differ from the team at MTV when they say there is only a " room full " of young people in India listening into English music from the west . "Room full " is stretching it too far . If they were "room full " then why did MTV launch VH1 ?? .

The point is MTV took a short cut to success in India ( which is what any good business would try and attempt to do ) . Instead of introducing more fusion content ( something like UK -Asian music ) in the mainstream , they relied and still rely more on Bollywood for their so called " local and original content " .
Bollywood in turn "mostly " copies Hollywood flicks and music !!!

If I was in the creative strategy team of MTV India , I would root for introducing more fusion content " Asian - UK " rather then only Bollywood !!

Guys at MTV ..if you need inspiration ..check out the Asian Channel on BBC Radio
How MTV made it big in India

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ash at cannes 2005

Ash at cannes 2005
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Even though Indian movies ( apart from Satyajit Ray classic's )are not making any impact in the festival section of Cannes 05 . Indian beauties are making up for the spotlight presence . Aishwary is the deserves frontrunner in that ( just for her looks !!! )


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SUPER COMBINATION !!! French model Laetitia Casta ( **** the one I admire the most for her perfect beauty**** ) (R) poses with Indian actress Aishwarya Rai ( ** arguably the most beautiful women in the world**) during red carpet arrivals for the screening of German-born director Dominik Moll's film "Lemming" that opens the 58th Festival de Cannes May 11, 2005. (Reuters) . Cannes can't seem to get enough of these beauties . This is the second year the both of them are posing together at Red Carpet. I wish some Hollywood studio makes a BIG movie with these 2 leading ladies together . Indo-French beauties rock .!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Google Ponders Blogger Enhancements

Google is soon introducing Gmail integration with Blogger and also an Enterprise version of Blogger .
This is good news , since Blogger definately needs some major updates. Other Blogging engines like MSN Spaces , Yahoo 360 have much better functionality and Blogger definately needs a face lift .

Currently for an end use - Blogger is too much dependant on 3rd party tools , customization , tweaks etc which somehow gets boring and tedious after a while .

However for some this is also the fun part of using Blogger over other applications .

In any case an update is much needed.!!! - Google Ponders Blogger Enhancements