Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How MTV made it big in India

A very informative case study on one of the top Music Channels in India. However I do differ from the team at MTV when they say there is only a " room full " of young people in India listening into English music from the west . "Room full " is stretching it too far . If they were "room full " then why did MTV launch VH1 ?? .

The point is MTV took a short cut to success in India ( which is what any good business would try and attempt to do ) . Instead of introducing more fusion content ( something like UK -Asian music ) in the mainstream , they relied and still rely more on Bollywood for their so called " local and original content " .
Bollywood in turn "mostly " copies Hollywood flicks and music !!!

If I was in the creative strategy team of MTV India , I would root for introducing more fusion content " Asian - UK " rather then only Bollywood !!

Guys at MTV ..if you need inspiration ..check out the Asian Channel on BBC Radio
How MTV made it big in India

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