Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pre "holi party color session" pic

Pre holi color session
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere. guessed it right. If this is how we looked pre color session at the party , imagine what we became after the ordeal which lasted for some 4-5 hours.

We had colored everyone in our gang when we met them at their homes to pick them up for the party .

A CHECKLIST of things to do one day after the party :
-My car is dirty .I mean real dirty.I need to get the seats dry cleaned today.
- I need to get myself cleaned today. I still have a few rounds of purple colo on my face which refuses to wash away. Need to get it right before I goto office on Monday
-My hair..yeaah..long locks..need some 20 rounds of shampoo and conditioner..they have suddenly become rought from being gentle ..
- Need to sleep .I dont know what I ate or drank. I cant sleep .It cant be bhang since it makes you sleep.

Red Bull : Holi madness

Red Bull : Holi madness
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
This is what excessive holi partying , colors ( the good and bad variety) and some uncounted rounds of beers , drinks , bhang etc does to you .

I went out with some freinds today to a farmhouse party in Chattarpur ( on the outskirts of Delhi ) for a Holi party.Had a wonderful time after a long time.

I mean if you think of it . A holi party ( the dirty variety) is anyday much better then a regular clubbing or disc session. You just cant seem to get enough of it.

I took a real beating today . eggs , watermelons or soem stupid juice , beers , kichhad( dirty water dark brown variety) ,bad colors ( pakka variety) and much more..I dont even remember..All mix and mashed over me..

But I have no regrets . I did the same to many people around me ;-)

Cheers!! Happy Holi !!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Google boy Kurtas and and Yahoo ! Girl cholis ;-)

Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
Well , some people have their own way of making a fashion statement. In India , in IT companies we have people wearing " Google Boy Kurtas" ( kurtas are traditional Indian wear comparable to T shirts ).

One reference pic is here ...

I was btw just thinking , YAHOO! GIRLS CHOLIS won't be a bad idea would it ??

Or Ipod Sarees.....hmmm ;-)

Holi Gang !!!

Holi Gang !!!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
It doesnt get any more colorful then this.Holi parties are everywhere in Delhi right now . From Officies , to Parks ( joggers playing holi and throwing water balloons while jogging) , to Clubs ( bollywood remixed club nite was advertised in the papers today ) . If you love a party of a time , you gotta be in India during Holi. Else with some pics on this blog on Holi :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Color your life !!! Go ahead do the naughty thing you have been waiting for ....this is the time....Happy Holi !!! Love Mohit :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This lovely picture of New year celebration in Sydney was clicked by my friend Mohit Manchanda . This pic also got nominated for a local photography competition in his state . ( Picture Copyright Mohit Manchanda 2005)

Mind Bytes feed on your MSN !!!

I have just configured LiveMessageAlert system on my blog. You can see the small orange icon on the right menu .

If you click on the icon , it takes you to FREE feed subscription page , where you can sign in with your MSN / Hotmail id and subscribe to get Mind Bytes feed , on your MSN / Hotmail and Mobile !!!

Hence , you will stay updated as things heat up in my mind !!!

Cheers !!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Missed Ms Casta on my blog for a loooooonnng time. Hence here she her usual BEST !!! Enjoy..

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Before n After Effect !!

Before n After Effect !!
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere.
A comparison pic of my hair 8 months ago and as of today !! Btw I still wear specs today...just not in the pic of a good Before n After effect ;-) ...Anyways..the point is..I have worked hard on growing my hair long..I want to enjoy it and comparing with previous ( vanilla..short cut hair ) style hair is FUN !! I think long hair give you a good bounce which is good and enjoyable. The only worry is shampoo and conditioner is expensive..please donate generously !! Next time you meet me , you know what to gift ;-)

Long tresses which took some hard work ...

For most of you who have been enquiring how do I look in my long hair..( I have been working on growing my short crew cut hair and changing my hair style ..for the last 8 months now..) Naah..its doesnt mean saving on the barber shop..infact surprisingly ( and its true ) means more frequent visit to the saloon to get a good trim done. However I have realised and gained more respect for people with long hair ( especially who are in Delhi , India ). Since its very difficult to grow them long in the summers...( I mean its more difficult then most things I know ). Anyways , let me know your opinion on my new hair style. The winning entry ( adjudged by who else but me ) gets a personally signed empty bottle of Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner free..!!! WOW...isnt it gr8 ..Cheers!! ( Timepassing on the blog )

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Inspirational lessons from the world's richest Indian

LN Mittal is not only the richest Indian alive but also Forbes 3rd richest in the world .

He virutally has a monopoly on the worldwide steel industry and has recently only been in news either for buying companies in Europe or purchasing multi million dollar homes or the lavish weeding of his son.

Saw his interview on TV last week , he seemed very humble and down to earth .

Good for India and inspiration to Indians. !! :-)

Inspirational lessons from the world's richest Indian- Spirituality - Indiatimes

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Better LATE then NEVER !!!

I feel really embarrased in admitting this , but I guess I have NO other option.
Even though I have been active for almost 1 year now on the Blogging space , however I didnt care to have my blog " Atom and RSS Enabled " .

Reason....Well its hard for me to pin down one ...but I guess I can blame it on lack of time.

However since in today's day and age , I have read and learnt - not having RSS on your blog is as good as committing a suicide from the blogging world. !!!

As you would see , this BLOG is now re-powered by ATOM , RSS and the likes and you can comfortably subscribe to its feed now :-) on the following :
  • Any RSS reader /Newsreader including
  • MyYahoo!
  • MyMSN
  • Newsgator
I guess better late then NEVER !!

I promise now ....more and more posts are coming your way soon...


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

We are playing the XBOX games on a Sony Home Theatre and a Project TV ( 52" ) and the cinematics , graphics , video , audio on the games are to be played to be believed..Simply brilliant . Lord of the Rings has an amazing merging together of cinematics from the original movies ( 1,2,3) and involving them in the game play. I look forward to Doom 3 being released for Xbox and playing my hands on it. I FEEL GOOD !!

XBOXXING !!!! I went with my 1st cousin today and we got XBOX Crystal pack Limited edition today and WOW...This thing ROCKS !! I didnt go with a lot of research on this , however the guy at the shop informed us a lot on it and its advantages. We also got some 6 gaming titles like LOTR : ROTK , Need4Speed Underground Platinum Edition , Halo2 , Prince of Persia 3d , Midnight Club , NBA/NHL/NFL Live 2004 ( Ea Sports) and ALL games are very very cool. I look forward to spending some time ( 1 hour a day a must ) on this beautie.....yippeeeee!!!