Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pre "holi party color session" pic

Pre holi color session
Originally uploaded by mohitinhere. guessed it right. If this is how we looked pre color session at the party , imagine what we became after the ordeal which lasted for some 4-5 hours.

We had colored everyone in our gang when we met them at their homes to pick them up for the party .

A CHECKLIST of things to do one day after the party :
-My car is dirty .I mean real dirty.I need to get the seats dry cleaned today.
- I need to get myself cleaned today. I still have a few rounds of purple colo on my face which refuses to wash away. Need to get it right before I goto office on Monday
-My hair..yeaah..long locks..need some 20 rounds of shampoo and conditioner..they have suddenly become rought from being gentle ..
- Need to sleep .I dont know what I ate or drank. I cant sleep .It cant be bhang since it makes you sleep.

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