Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Better LATE then NEVER !!!

I feel really embarrased in admitting this , but I guess I have NO other option.
Even though I have been active for almost 1 year now on the Blogging space , however I didnt care to have my blog " Atom and RSS Enabled " .

Reason....Well its hard for me to pin down one ...but I guess I can blame it on lack of time.

However since in today's day and age , I have read and learnt - not having RSS on your blog is as good as committing a suicide from the blogging world. !!!

As you would see , this BLOG is now re-powered by ATOM , RSS and the likes and you can comfortably subscribe to its feed now :-) on the following :
  • Any RSS reader /Newsreader including
  • MyYahoo!
  • MyMSN
  • Newsgator
I guess better late then NEVER !!

I promise now ....more and more posts are coming your way soon...


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