Sunday, March 27, 2005

Red Bull : Holi madness

Red Bull : Holi madness
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This is what excessive holi partying , colors ( the good and bad variety) and some uncounted rounds of beers , drinks , bhang etc does to you .

I went out with some freinds today to a farmhouse party in Chattarpur ( on the outskirts of Delhi ) for a Holi party.Had a wonderful time after a long time.

I mean if you think of it . A holi party ( the dirty variety) is anyday much better then a regular clubbing or disc session. You just cant seem to get enough of it.

I took a real beating today . eggs , watermelons or soem stupid juice , beers , kichhad( dirty water dark brown variety) ,bad colors ( pakka variety) and much more..I dont even remember..All mix and mashed over me..

But I have no regrets . I did the same to many people around me ;-)

Cheers!! Happy Holi !!

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Anonymous said...

hey mohit....!!!

seems u had a blast on holi...!!
anyway, belated happy holi..!
take care!