Sunday, March 20, 2005

Long tresses which took some hard work ...

For most of you who have been enquiring how do I look in my long hair..( I have been working on growing my short crew cut hair and changing my hair style ..for the last 8 months now..) Naah..its doesnt mean saving on the barber shop..infact surprisingly ( and its true ) means more frequent visit to the saloon to get a good trim done. However I have realised and gained more respect for people with long hair ( especially who are in Delhi , India ). Since its very difficult to grow them long in the summers...( I mean its more difficult then most things I know ). Anyways , let me know your opinion on my new hair style. The winning entry ( adjudged by who else but me ) gets a personally signed empty bottle of Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner free..!!! WOW...isnt it gr8 ..Cheers!! ( Timepassing on the blog )

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