Friday, December 31, 2004

This NEW YEAR . I resolve to be BLIND. Blind from all EVIL , blind from all ATTRACTION , blind from all MATERIALISTIC PLEASURES , blind from all PASSION , blind from all but one ........I am will NOT BLIND MYSLEF FROM ME !!! This is what all matters in the end .

Me at Palolem beach Goa !!! It took us 2 hours from our resort to reach this beach at the tip end of South Goa . However the clear blue water and amazing scenic view made up for the horrible bumpy ride to this place. I must have seen 4 motobikes accident in the 2 hour drive on the road. Some accidents were too horrible to even describe . I guess the drinking and no driving priciple needs to enforced a little bit more in GOA!! But I dont mean to scare anyone from going here , just try and be safe. Due to the the tsunami effect the shack owner at this beaches told me that the water reached a very high levels and touched their shacks !! The schacks BTW are some 800 mts away from the beach .

Club Cubana Laser lights filling the valley

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The laser lights from the top of Club Cubana fill up the dark skies and valey and create a mesmerising effect. Couple this up with amazing drinks , people and of course music and you have a great night planned right away !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Me at Club Cubana in GOA . The resident DJ told me that that parties go on till 8am -9am in the morning here and most of the guests are shaked away from their sleep and asked to leave. I think it wont be a bad idea for them to offer breakfast buffet too . The club is great value for money and could beat any club in India or Goa with its offering.

The Night club in the SKY !!! Club Cubana , perhaps undoubtedly the No.1 club in Goa and India . I went to this club on 26th Dec night and wished to never come back again. This club is a MUST VISIT when you come to GOA . The club is on a hill and overlooks the valleys and beaches of North Goa . Its blue laser light filles the valley and creates a magical effect. The club has 3 seperate areas and many enclosures for privacy. It balances lounging , dancing and drinking. I love their punch line : NIGHT CLUB IN THE SKY. I have added my own twist to it and call it : DANCING IN THE SKIES :-) I have also made a full 2 hour video of the party that night and it features some amazing tracks played by the DJ. I also met some big wig of the Indian corporate world and they were letting their hair down too and having a wild nite. Some pics to follow enjoy. !!!

The Wise Men !!

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Vasco de gama and his wise men depicted by these statues greet you when you enter Cidade de goa !!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

While in Goa on 25th Dec came the news of the disaster and all watersporting activities were stopped for 2 days here.
Since I wasnt watching any TV or reading any newspapers , hence I wasnt aware in depth of the situation .
Only when the coast guards and police stopped the water sports activies citing " bad waether conditions" did everyone in my resoirt start swithcing back to their TV channels etc.
However a collegue of mine has forwarded me this excellent blog which contains all information and donations related data.

Also , in Goa here there hasnt been any impact of tsunami except for water levels increasing in some places like Palolem beach and Mandovi river.
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

Sunday, December 26, 2004

uncool flights and heavy bookings means long stay at the airports..our bombay-goa flight got delayed by 5 hours. phew!!!

swimming in the evening is fun in the resort we are staying in goa...very cool and chilled out !!!

Banana boat ride..tried this out late in the evening and it was very scary...the guys tubled us in the middle of the arabian sea...only life jackets for support...recommeded only in the afternoon/day time

blew some money use...didnt win anything !!! but a fantastic ship...cara vela casino goa !!! phew...u need millions to play here...:-)..had a lovely time...played american roulette and blak jack..

this is my favorite shack at calungute beach goa :-)

You dont know what life is ....till you come to goa..havent slept for more then 5 the last 4days....;-) btw....its rockin here in xmas and new years...every 2 step there is a party going wid d most awesome music.... cheers !!

Thursday, December 23, 2004 I come !!!!!

The owner of this blog has shifted base to GOA for Christmas and Year end celebrations. This place surely feels like heaven. This pic is one of the rave parties which takes place around the shacks on the beaches in GOA. Also if anyone needs to communicate me for business/work , personal or any other reasons like status of hotel bookings , parties , babes....PLEASE EMAIL ON ***** ***** or on my mobile if you have the number. ( Yeah I am still available 24 x 7!!) More on Goa coming on this blog...LIVE from GOA ..!!! Wooo Hoooo !! A vacation after all the hard work this Year....!!! IT FEELS NICE !!!! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL KINDA ONCE AGAIN....I am missing some people surely..if you guys are reading this you know who you are ;-) ( no controversies plz...) AS THEY SAY....There is always a next time !!! Till next cya :-)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Microsoft India's little known secret!

MICROSOFT - the company always involved in one controversy or the another.
Open source philosophy ...Anti Monopolism theories ..the works.

Having personally sold Web solutions and web projects and pushing MICROSOFT platforms to clients over the last 4 years ( for someone who has studied LINUX and its advantages for 1 year in NIIT ) - I know how it feels to be both ANTI-Microsoft and PRO-MICROSOFT.

However after reading this article .

Microsoft India's little known secret!


BTW : According to me its the ONLY company whose OS and Office suite actually WORK and DO THEIR JOB for the end consumer .
I have used StarOffice for 1 year on my home PC and I know the pains. I am better off paying for MS Office.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

OCEANS TWELVE ( ** ) : Aweful !!! Aweful!!! Waste of talent ....Thats the word for this movie...!!! So many amazing actors and Steven Soderburgh ( wutever the name is ) came up with this ??? ...There were people sleeping in the theatre or generally more interested in their pop corn and pepsi ...!!! No Action....A stupid camera which jerks and turns to capture some weird angles throughout the movie....(god knows why) and a most pathetic movie plot..!!! The only good part is in the end when Julia Roberts tries an act of imposing as Julia roberts ( the hollywood one ) and almost manages it..but its still no great laughs...Horrible....DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE...IT WILL MAKE YOU WONDER WHY YOU WATCHED OCEANS ELEVEN in the 1st place.....!!

MUSAFIR ( *** ) : A Good time pass types movie !! Saw it this weekend ( Friday 10th Dec) . Not much of a story here....I guess the director didnt wanted the story writers brains to be used much .Instead he preferred the voyeurism of his cameras lenses on the HOT HOT looking Sameera Reddy and Koena Mitra. Hollywood Style direction and action . Thrills , story...and ya GOA !!!!! Watch it for the brilliant picturisation , modern camera movements , amazing songs and ya just having some fun...!!!! Best lines in the whole movie : When Anil Kapoor asks Mahesh Manjerakar how will he pay him for the "project to kill his wife " and Manjerakar replies..." TDS ( tax deducated at source) kaat ke to doonga nahin.....Cash hi doonga " .....Translated in english it means >>>> I wont cut TDS ( a type of tax in India on professional services) and pay by check...(obviously) I will pay in Cash !!!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

MSN Spaces....hmmm...its goood...definately scores and is miles ahead of Blogger currently...but sometimes...good guys dont WIN !!! The creative ones do...I am sticking with Blogger...!!! However MSN Messenger 7.0 is something to watch out for.....Nice job on this.!!

Trying out a new space for Mind Bytes !!! Neeaah.....!!

Downloaded MSN Messenger 7.0( Beta) and was taking a test drive on it , when it let me to explore the new MSN SPACES .
Its a new online blogging , moblogging , photosharing and all bells and whistels included ALL IN ONE package by MICROSOFT to beat their sweet competitor Google ( here Blogger ).

Does it suceed ??

Partially....the functions are all in one and definately more cutting edge and better integrated.
However it lacks the design and creative oooompph factor of Blogger.

Its feels like a business application and NOT a fun application.

However still worth a try....which I am doing this weekend...

Check my MSN SPACE on


P.S : Mind Bytes will stay on Blogger only for the time being....MSN needs to work harder to get this baby shifted to them......!!!!Cheers ;-)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Me after 5 kms of Jogging ...!!! Came from office and went for jog with my brother gym..!! Its getting chilly in the nights in Delhi and somehow its works well with jog..when it ends you feel kinds stress and tension FREE !!! Highly recommended in December in Jan...!!

This is CREATIVITY !!!

My Slogan or punchline for this site would be

" One world ....One time...One moment ..All on ...Ten By Ten !! "

Awesome stuff ....!!!

10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time / by Jonathan J. Harris