Thursday, December 16, 2004

Microsoft India's little known secret!

MICROSOFT - the company always involved in one controversy or the another.
Open source philosophy ...Anti Monopolism theories ..the works.

Having personally sold Web solutions and web projects and pushing MICROSOFT platforms to clients over the last 4 years ( for someone who has studied LINUX and its advantages for 1 year in NIIT ) - I know how it feels to be both ANTI-Microsoft and PRO-MICROSOFT.

However after reading this article .

Microsoft India's little known secret!


BTW : According to me its the ONLY company whose OS and Office suite actually WORK and DO THEIR JOB for the end consumer .
I have used StarOffice for 1 year on my home PC and I know the pains. I am better off paying for MS Office.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like socio-economic-emotional blackmail. That money it is giving away has come through brute capitalist practices including questionable monopolistic activities, unfair technological preferences and a history of BAD software ("its a feature, not a bug"). Face it - a year in NIIT doesn't tell you about FSF or OSI or GNU or Linux. I've seen the courseware for the 3 yeat GNIIT course. Its in love with MS. Besides, in India, you are in a really microscopic minority who actually PAY for their M$ products.
BTW, your blog runs on an open source OS.

Mohit Maheshwari said...

Mr Manchanda - if this is you - then you know , we have had these debates for almost 2 whole years when we were together studying.

If this is not you ( and I cant seem to track your IP ..lolz) - then my reply is straightforward.

2 points :

- I said " Microsoft has a habit of involving itself in a controversy " . A lot get clear here after
- Computer literacy - MS to me is one of the main companies which have the tools to achieve this in 3rd world countries.
Try explaining LINUX and how it works to a 40 year old (PC beginner) end user in a 3rd world country.

Cheers !!!!

Mohit Maheshwari said...

BTW I also mentioned " I am also anti MS sometimes " .For reference see my review of MSN Spaces and preference for Blogger ( as you said residing on an Open Source OS ).

Google rocks...So does MS !!!

So does Laetitia Casta ;-)

Rohit Bhute said...

Sorry. Was afraid to leave my name. I'm nowhere in your your league. The point is I'm angry at not knowing what a word processor is, but I know what MS Word is. I had no CHOICE. Period. I know Turbo C. Not the C language. I can't move beyond saying "Hello World" in an OS built on C code. The point is - its quixotic to assume that a 40 year old won't need explaining the innards of MS and why it crashes. The point is ... you get the point anyways. When you learn Linux, you LEARN computing in its true sense. Not just a product.

Rohit Bhute said...

Talking of 3rd world support, more Indian languages are supported in Linux than in MS.

Mohit Maheshwari said...

you remind "me" of " me" when I was in college.

My brothers name is also Rohit !!

Keep up the LINUX spirit and keep blogging .

Also , if you are into LINUX - just go all the way !!

Cheers!! Mohit