Tuesday, December 14, 2004

OCEANS TWELVE ( ** ) : Aweful !!! Aweful!!! Waste of talent ....Thats the word for this movie...!!! So many amazing actors and Steven Soderburgh ( wutever the name is ) came up with this ??? ...There were people sleeping in the theatre or generally more interested in their pop corn and pepsi ...!!! No Action....A stupid camera which jerks and turns to capture some weird angles throughout the movie....(god knows why) and a most pathetic movie plot..!!! The only good part is in the end when Julia Roberts tries an act of imposing as Julia roberts ( the hollywood one ) and almost manages it..but its still no great laughs...Horrible....DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE...IT WILL MAKE YOU WONDER WHY YOU WATCHED OCEANS ELEVEN in the 1st place.....!!

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