Saturday, December 04, 2004

Trying out a new space for Mind Bytes !!! Neeaah.....!!

Downloaded MSN Messenger 7.0( Beta) and was taking a test drive on it , when it let me to explore the new MSN SPACES .
Its a new online blogging , moblogging , photosharing and all bells and whistels included ALL IN ONE package by MICROSOFT to beat their sweet competitor Google ( here Blogger ).

Does it suceed ??

Partially....the functions are all in one and definately more cutting edge and better integrated.
However it lacks the design and creative oooompph factor of Blogger.

Its feels like a business application and NOT a fun application.

However still worth a try....which I am doing this weekend...

Check my MSN SPACE on


P.S : Mind Bytes will stay on Blogger only for the time being....MSN needs to work harder to get this baby shifted to them......!!!!Cheers ;-)

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