Monday, June 21, 2004

The Blogging journey begins !!

Over the last 5 active years of being online and working in the Internet industry ,I have come to realise one vital thing..."IT / it" doesnt stop must be wondering ..what is this "it " ...For me this " it " is Information Technology ( IT ).. AND this " it " is..the mind....the soul..the heart !!!

Hence hereafter whenever in my posts you see me referring to " it " ..use the glossary below..

IT - Information technology
it ~ mind , soul , heart

I have come to realise this "it " is at the focus of all we do ..all we live for..all we stress 24 x7 stimulate.. !!

Yes , come to think of it..all we do 24 x 7 is ..trying to stimulate this "it " ---mind , soul, heart..not in that particular order...rather per our preference..

I know my first posts sounds confusing...but that what I am at this moment..confused..

I have opened my blog as a way and means of reliving myself of this sharing it with someone...somewhere..who can fully understand..

What is it like to be ME !!!!

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