Monday, January 31, 2005

I ll make it up to you ( my )

I know ..I know..I have been missin out on regular bloggin of late...

But I have my valid reasons...Tonnes of things...( yeaah..I mean tonnes ) happening in my life...All at the same time..

  • Got promoted and have now new /fresher and broader responsibilities on my shoulder..!! Phew ..
  • Sorting internal mind issues ...why do I think of those things again and again ..who are those ???...even I dont know. for sure...maybe I am scared to face the eventual truth ...sometimes.I just get zapped...dont know wot..need fresh A*I*R ... I guess. huh ?
  • Saw some cool and some uncool movies like The Aviator , White Chicks , Kisna , Page 3 , The Passion of the Christ ...yeahh.being a movie buff does take a toll of your time..hey ..but I dont mind..Its one of things I am living for...seeing lively images ..!!
  • Got revisted by my Old hobby...yeah...I cant sleep till 6 am anymore..Help me GOD !! I need to learn how to sleep. Re teach me.
  • Listening to some brand new Music ...GOA TRANCE !!!

Lots more bloggin to come..I am back with a vengeance !!!

BTW : The visitor stats on my blog are growing everyday from the past few weeks ( ever since I have stopped posting).I would like to thank all you guys for keeping the counter tickin in my absence..!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So finally u updated ur blog ! Great!!
Keep doing that coz thats the only thig which keeps me updated with u ***** turst me..!! N i just love reading stuff about u !!U don' know me but will surely know me soon !
Take care , be good n chaos..!!