Sunday, January 16, 2005

ALEXANDER ( **) : Saw this eagerly awaited Oliver Stone movie today and came from the theatre very very dissapointed indeed . There was NOTHING in the movie which I could call or term as "entertainment value" . It might be a very factually accurate movie on a historical time and etc etc .. However a movie is also meant to be something beyond this , especially being directed by a BIG director and having a great line up of actors adds to the expectations. I didnt watch this movie in the week it got released here in India ( as I normally watch all new movies in their first week of release itself ) because the reviews and word of mouth wasnt encouraging. People were talking and advising voluntarily NOT to watch it. However leaving all these aside , I ventured into viewing it and came home thinking what a waste of time. I mean...had the director and produce just watched TROY , Braveheart and Gladiator - they would have easily understood .....their main flaw...NO STORY...I mean NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Angelina Jolie is wasted terribly in speaking out stupid letters to her son Alexander...I mean what were they thinking???? DONT WATCH IT. SEE TROY AGAIN ..if you are in the mood !!!

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