Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Small Sweet Friendly Irony !!!

Lesson for the day :

" Never introduce a freind to an online freindship /dating/community service ----there are chances you might loose your freind to the big bag freindly options around !! "

It so happened that I introduced one of my freinds to an Online Free Buddy service offered by MSN India last year . BuddyZone ( thank god their website and service is temporarily down these days )

My freind ( a good natured , honest and trsutworthy female in this case..) made freinds with some guy from USA ( who is engaged or hitched or something ) and is coming to Delhi for some marriage work .or to visit India or her ( maybe he likes her..whatever )

However as it turns out , I was having this telephonic conversation with this freind of mine and was referring to meeting up for some coffee or something. ( Since I have some treats due for the beautiful community service work I do...referring some freelance projects etc etc :-) ) .

I persisted a lot since it had been really loong since we met and its always nice to meet freinds and talk things apart from work ( since my work consumes most of my time) etc etc.

We talk and come to a conclusion that we will plan on this coffee/lunch later after referring to our appointment dairy since we both are very busy....much in demand creatures of the Web industry !!!

My freinds refers to me that the new job is making her extremely busy etc etc ( and I can understand and agree to this ) and then later in the conversation quietly refers to a net freind from Buddyzone landing up from US to meet her..... #&*(($%$#^%^*&&....

I raise her a question ?? Buddyzone ..?? Is the netfreind from some online zone that important ??

Then I re-thought atfer the conversation ended...

Even I have made some freinds online ..through some forums / web communities / blogging /MSN/Yahoo chats etc etc..

The freinds I made online - they would have been someone elses me getting to be their "new" freinds..must have deprived their freinds of their time !!


Moral of the story...


If you wanna be freinds with someone and stay that way....for your freindship sakes.. dont refer a freindly online service ....... !!!

P.S : even if you refer a new online service..make get all the Quality "freindly " leads from the service for yourself first !! ( This is NOT the marketing guy in me talking ...but a freind deprived of his freindly time talking)....

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh!
That is so mean! Freinds can be really selfish too- u believe dat now?!?
That gal in question seems familiar though :-P