Friday, February 18, 2005

MSN India - Narhai boy tops NASA's ISD exam

Brilliance is everywhere !!! One just needs to open their eyes to it. Imagine ..all the young people from high income families and whose parents invest a major part of their earnings in their studies....are either found dancing at clubs , pubs or yearning for a foreign study in USA , UK ( by investing more money) .

This genius from a small town or village of India - whose parents probably would not be earning more then $1000 a month ( the entire family would depend on this income for food , living , rent , electricity ) has topped the NASA exam !!!!!

As the famous quote goes these days in India..

A young illeterate yet bright man built Reliance Industries ( a company worth billions of Dollars ..biggest in India ) by himself.ALL ALONE..

And his 2 Harvard and Stanford literate sons...are doing everything they can to tarnish his legacy !!!

Splitting the businesses after just 1.5 years of their fathers death.

Cheers to Expensive education !!
MSN India - Narhai boy tops NASA's ISD exam

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