Friday, August 05, 2005

....check..check......Reality check !!!

This post if for people living outside India , who want to know the ground reality of what the Govt. of Maharashtra and India are doing about the Mumbai floods .....

Govinda (A bollywood actor with mass appeal - turned politician -turned MP and also does acting side by side btw ) on NDTV and AAJ Tak ( he wore shades in the studio while giving the interview )

Interviewer : Why didnt you go in your constituency on 26th and 27th July - when the heavy rains and floods happened ?

Govinda : I couldnt come out of my area / flat in Juhu - due to so much water .

Interviewer : Is it fair to say ...the government reacted late in this time of distress ?

Govinda : Govt. has acted in time ( earlier he says he went out from his house 2 days late ) and is doing what it can do ....this rain has been unprecendented ...record breaking ...

Interviewer : What did you do on 28th July and after that...( when rains settled down and damage was done )

Govinda : I went out to my area /constituency and met people..

Interviewer : But people are complaining that you didnt come

Govinda : I takes time to go everywhere...i went to 1 area one 1st day and next area on 2nd day and so on ...its a conspiracy my Media to frame me , the CM and Mr Ambani - that we arent doing enough...

Interviewer : What efforts have you made as of today ?

Govinda : We got sanctioned and distributed Rs 15 crore ( roughly Dollar 3.5 million )in the affected area . I personally went and met the families and people living in Jhuggi / jhopris ( slums) in the affected areas ..we gave some areas 4 lacs , some areas 8 lacs Rupees and so on ..

Interviewer : But people are still complaining ...they have lost so much...( a video plays of people being interviewed )...We will now have the aam janta of Mumbai (common man ...not read Mango people..puhlllzzz ) ask you the question directly ...

People : Hello Govinda....Hi Govinda..( they are excited at the oppurtunity to ask question to their favorite bollywood star ) .

Person 1 : I was with you in class 8th - to 10th

Person 2 : I was with you from childhood ...I am Sangeeta your freind

Person 3 : I am your x's y's ..z's....a''s , b's ...c's....We were so close...remember ???

Govinda : This has been a natural calamity..Govt.can 't be held responsible for this..Govt. is responsibile for relief efforts !!! ( Which he and Govt. do provide after 2 days of rains and floods !!! )

Interviewer : We will go into break..Govindaji !!! ( much respect for the MP who has done so much work ....from a grilling journo a loving fan...)

Govindaji : Adjusting his shades ..............

Break time advertisements ( translated in English ):

Advt 1 :

Do your efforts , India will change....
NDTV we bring you the truth...
So that you can understand and make a change ......

Advt 2 :
Ummeed se doogna ....KBC 2 ..coming tommorow !!!!
( a local TV Game show -indian copy of Who wants to be a millionaire? - which is now promising to give out Rs 2 crore ( half a million dollars in prize money ) - not for flood relief.... )

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