Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Flirting , Dating ,Matrimony available fresh on the Indian Blogosphere !!

I have been "Blog surfing" for about 2 years now and Blogging personally for about 1.5 years now . Mostly I read blogs from various sources , classified as under ( in no particular order) :

  • Blogs by Indian Freinds
  • Blogs by Indian Professionals related to my Industry and field of work
  • Blogs by Foreign Nationals related to my Industry and field of work
  • Other blogs by either Foreign nationals and Indians

It might be coincidence or otherwise , however I have come across this unique and truly Indian trend in the indian Blogosphere of Flirting , Dating , Romancing , Seeking Matrimony with Fellow bloggers more so - "only or majorly" amongst the Indian blogging community .

I feel BLOGS have filled up the vaccum wonderfully well - where the Indian dating and matrimony sites failed !!!

Most of the Indian dating sites are filled with Adult profiles posted by some pimp . Hence for a normal visitor it become difficult to seperate good from sin !!

Most of the Indian matrimonial sites are visited by the prospective brides and grooms parents and hence serve less purposes for dating and flirting.

There are NO famous Indian Flirting sites !!

When I thought and started evaluating this more closely , I came across some even more interesting facts and trends. Sample some of the recent trends , comments and posts etc I have read recently on some of Indian blogs ( I won't name or give links to these posts or comments ) :

  • How to get Blog Visitors and commenters for your new blog: A Female blogger freind of mine ( she is good looking alrite) who recently started this blog had no visitors to start with apart from her online freinds . These freinds obviously knew her so well that they didnt need to comment on her blog.This continued for about 2-3 weeks.However when she posted just 1 pic of hers - her blog suddenly had all the more meaning for visitors to come , comment and interact on .Currently her blog gets an average of about 10 odd comments - mostly flirting , trying to flirt , trying to date etc.The comments are also of freindly nature and others regular comments . However mostly have a tone of flirt.
  • How maintaining blog list helps : Interestingly this same freind of mine is maintaining a Favorite blog list which only has guys bloggers listed !! Effect more word of mouth among guys and more commenters for her blog !!
  • How talking about your offline activities help : Another female friend of mine is maintaining this blog where she has had some posts describing the funny offline matrimonial "arranged marriage seeking " weirdo guys she has come across . Her this post made her more famous among guy bloggers ( according to me they thought they had more dating chance with her ) and the comments on her blog skyrocketed even more !!
  • How to use blog for maintaining a long distance relationship : I have also come across an Indian blog from Mumbai where a couple are in a Long distance relationship . The guy is in USA and the girl in India . They both are maintaining their individual blogs which serves no purpose but to tell the other better half about their daily acitivity . They - I guess - prefer blogs to email , IM chats , phones etc. The blog is filled with i LUV UUUSS..AND i MISS UUUUSSS ..Their blogs are only known according to them to some of their freinds. I am however very sure they can cash in on their blog visitors and get some Google AdSense to make them money to fund their next Valentines day gift- literally !!
  • How to use blog to tell people how sexy you are (and hence more flirting and dating) : A blog by a female has some of her very attractive and personal photographs and talks about all the relationships she has been through. The advantage - more seekers !!!
  • How to play "catch-me-if-you-can" with your online seekers :The same above female blogger also used to change her blog adress every other week practically .
  • How to use blogs to let girls know what they are missing out on:Look at the new header of my blog !!

Happy Independence Day !!


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Paradox Phillic said...

Your point 3 had me believe that you had recently come across my blog... but then i read the point again and realised that you were talking about a friend. :)

I would really like to go, read that blog by your friend, if she doesn't mind sharing the url. Man , it would be great to see you are not alone in this mind baffling, sometimes humorous but mostly amusing situation...

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