Sunday, August 28, 2005

Radha Krishna - my LORD . See the picture carefully for a few moments and notice the peace you will get inside your heart :-) The peace is from the silence -which tells you ...everything doesnt need to be "possesed" materialistically to make one happy !!

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AnandaNa said...

Yes... this is very beautiful painting. Its full of peace and harmony. I love it:)
I am practicing spiritual evolution. Recently I have interesting Krishna, He is amazing. He is full of love, divine and happiness. He is great and He inspiring me.:)

Could You know, who has painted that picture? I trying to find it in the net in good quality (high resolution), but its hard to do that...

Anyway, I wish You Love and Bliss in Your life. Bye:)

(sorry for my english, iam Polish:) )