Saturday, July 09, 2005

DUS reasons not to watch !!!! ( **)

Its a waste of time writing a review for this movie . However since I have spent some bucks and some time in going to the theatre to watch DUS . Here is my list of DUS ( ten ) reasons why not to watch this movie !!!

  1. Sunil Shetty - Even the ramlila which plays in my locality has better actors . All he does is shout in the movie !! Also his colored streaked hair makes him look a "wannabe "
  2. Riya Sen - " Mere bacho ko mat maro " " Mere bacho ko bacha lo " ...are the only 2 lines she has to say in the movie with conviction .....and guess what she makes herself sound Dharmendra !!
  3. Esha Deol - Her look in the movie makes you laugh ( infact this was the best paisa vasool part of the movie ) . She looks like a "lady Dharmendra" !! . She needs to act ...and fast !! Also I couldn't figure why she boards the plane in the end with small B ??
  4. Dialogues - " Aap jab mere ko beta bolte ho bada aacha lagta hai " ( tears roll down ) . " Cigarette main nahin pita" ( tears roll down ) .....Yeaah these are the moments which are supposed to be the drama element in the ??
  5. Gulshan Grover - He borrows his dress and look from Osama and acts like someone out from the menal hospital with a tabla playing hangover !! The most pathetic attempt ever in creating a villain .
  6. Diya Mirza - Zayed Khan track - Guys if you are in so called loved in the movie ?? Why did 'nt you get married ? Or was it me too busy with the popcorn ?
  7. The sangeet song - The 2 leading guys Zayed and AB are going on a TOP secret mission in the night and flying to Canada. They have just about managed to get time to dress up in white kurtas and red stoles and dance in a Ladies sangeet . So much for top secret services !!!
  8. Shilpa Shetty - Has a stupid batman tatto just above her butts in the movie !! Guess what ...Bats can act better then her !!
  9. AB - Esha track - !! A suggestion to the director ....He should have put in a romantic number in the Swiss Alps..maybe that would have worked for these 2 .
  10. What the hell is Venky ' s Rock - Whatever it is...they are not making money on this one for sure !!!

DO gud reasons in DUS :

  • Music
  • Pankaj Kapur

Had it not been for these 2 , I would have written a HAZZAR bahaney NOT to see DUS !!

Cheers !!!

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