Thursday, April 28, 2005

Trying out Foto Flix !!!!

Trying my hand at this new Foto Flix tool which offers blogger support now . The tool seems to be cool for posting a flash animation sort of simple movie on your blogs , created with some pics and Mp3 music /sounds .

However the tool will evolve over a period of time to include more advanced features of photo editting , upload , syncronization etc

Also I dont like the by default minimum delay of 2 sec between each and every frame.

Why am I complaining ?? I have taken a free account which gives me 10MB space.

What more do I need ?? 2 GB of free space..offered not by Fotoflix but Google/Blogger ..ala Gmail ;-)

Guess we all are getting greedy.....

Google is to blame...

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ADI said...

this looks cool ... gotta get it for mah blog too now ;-)