Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Warrior Within - Almost Finished !!! Woohoo...I am just 1 hour away from finishing Prince of Persia : Warrior Within on my Xbox . It feels great . With all the work and the client coordination and communication , getting time off for a game of POPWW is difficult . I am managing somehow. Feels great !! POPWW is an awesome game , teriffic in gameplay and sequences . Their cut scenes are so good , you want them to go on and on and on ......Soundtrack is brilliant and I have downloaded some tracks . However the bad part is repitition of scenarios , maps , locations and tasks . I mean after a while it got to my nerves !!! Anyways , I guess everything in this world has a negative side to it . I am also encouraging and tutoring my young cousins on starting a POPWW fansite . Will keep you posted on their progress . The fansite will feature their blog too !!! :-))

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