Monday, October 04, 2004

While everyone was settling down for IOAC to start and since there was a small delay .I used the time to introduce myself to the organizers of the event and had a small talk with them on the day ahead. This is the pic of the Main Team at IOAC ( from L to R ) Seema ( Sr Mgr Business Development ) , Preeti Desai ( President ) and on extreme right Mr V Ramani ( CEO Mediaturf ).The team has done an excellent job in setting this muc needed forum up !!!All delegates were greeted at the Registration counter and offered Breakfast Tea/Coffee ( thoughtout the day), Lunch and a courteous operations staff !! I have attended some seminars in the past where even a 100 people staff didnt had a clue of whats going on !! For a 1st time Conference IOA has done an excllent job. GOOD FIRST IMPRESSIONS TO ALL ALREADY !!

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