Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I have organized Dandiya event myself when I was in Class 11th ( 1996) with 2 other freinds !!!! I was Vice president of the organizing committe . It was a 2 day event , where some 2000 people danced every night. It was a huge success.!!! We never organized the event in the coming years , since we all got busy with higher studies and even though the event was a BIG success we didnt make much money , infact we had to pay some debtors from our pocket money !! At that time Dandiya wasnt even popular like these days in Delhi ( it was a ONLY Bombay thingy then ). But now Dandiya in Delhi , is as good as Bombay ( as some people say ) . Though I know people from Bombay will have a snobbish attitude toward Delhi Dandiyas.

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Anonymous said...

people from bombay will not have any snobbish comments on delhi they know that there is no comparison between delhi and bombay ka dandiya..okie?
anyway..delhi sucks n bombay rocks .. i guess even u agree with me on that !and if u don't than ur ...sick...! but still i miss u n i love u...! mmuuaaahhh.. i liked your blog ! take care sweets..!