Monday, October 04, 2004

THE PIONEER ARRIVES !! Mr Ajit Balakrishnan has been my idol ever since I have known the internet. I have never met him in my life and this was my oppurtunity to shake hands with him and I did !! Guess what we talked about ?????? I introduced myself to him and told him I am an independent blogger and have come to cover the event and he asked me what company I worked for. I briefed him and then gave some comments to him on his blog not being updated to which he immediately replied - Its been updated just 10 days back !! I also asked him , to add me to hig Blog Roll list ....I guess I dont deserve this yet but still , I had to try anyways!! . He was very polite . Also , in my enthusiasm I asked him the very 1st question for the day of the conclacve after his speech finished. His speech was fabulous and carried glimpses ( images) of the average Indian internet surfer and the changing face of the Indian webviewers. He also empasized upon the Main target segment for Indian online Advertisers to be in the age group 20-29 .He ranked this as the most critical and most HOT TG for the advertiser . My question to him was " what were his thoughts on the mature online user 30-35 age group , whose interest lies in Finance , Investments and products like Life Insurance etc " ?? His reply was - this segment is also very important and is growing very rapidly. But its still second to the 20-29 young segment of Internet users !!

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