Saturday, October 23, 2004


This years Dusshera Weekend suddenly has become BIG for me. Big in terms of the sheer No. of activites and socialising I have to do.

Dusshera this time is on Friday ( 22nd Oct 04) , Sat ( 23rd) - Sun ( 24th ) are anyways formally off , since we dont work on Weekends in office. I however work from my Home office on Sat-Sun .

Just to be clear , Dusshera is like the "prequel" to THE BIG FESTIVAL for Hindus in India. Diwali. YES DIWALI . ( Its like for Hindus what Christmas is for Christians. Hence its that BIG !! ).

According to Hindu mythology and the epic Ramayana ,On Dusshera day , Lord Ram killed the evil Ravan and rescued his wife Sita from him . Ra however had to wage a war and after a long drawn epic battle , he finally defeats Ravan on this day.

Diwali is the day , Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya ( the place he ruled) after conquering the evil Ravan and his country Lanka .!!!

Just to give an overview ,this is how the 3 day BIG weekend was planned out for me :
  • 21st Oct - Thursday Night -
  1. Went for Delhi Bloggers meet in the evening , its took place at a pub in GK .
  2. I had to attend the Mehndi ceremony ( Song and Dance ceremony ) of my school freind , Ricky ( this is his pet name ) . The ceremony was at the Park hotel inCP.He is a Sikh and hence his mehndi and marriage on the weekend is expected to be very colorful and fun filled.It so turned out that Jeff, Marc ( the clients of the company I do consultancy work with are staying in Delhi for sometime ) and Rishi (my freind and USA head of the company ) wanted to attended this ceremony too. Since they wanted to see a Punjabi Mehndi ki Raat. ( Son and dance night )

  • 22nd Oct - Friday , - I had to attend/do the following :
  1. Attend Shaily ( my distant cousins ) Ring Ceremony at the India Habitat center at lunch . She is the HR head at LG Electronics India and the groom is Systems Head at Daksh India ( an IBM company now ).
  2. Take Jeff, Marc for an evening out at " The Ravan bursting and fireworks show " taking place a stone throws away from my house ( this is fast forward and quick detail on what essentially Dusshera is..;-) )
  3. Go and watch FLAVORS the new movie at night/ or Go for Dandiya !!!
  • 23rd Oct - Saturday : I have to attend Rickys wedding and will be there from the evening till very late in the night.The wedding is at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi.
  • 24th Oct - Sunday : Attend Rickys Reception in the evening and late night .!!!

Not to mention many things which will invariably occur and come in/or have come in between these main course items. !!!

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