Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fun and Partytime @ Mumbai !!!!

If you thought my trip to Mumbai , was all work and sitting in a day long marathon 7 hours conference ...Well...well...well..I am sorry to are wrong !!!

You can keep me out of the party , but not the party out of me!! ...Keep guessing what it means .

In the meantime and on a serious note. I am working on writing posts and articles on the sessions for IOAC 04 . However it is taking time , since I need some data on the presentations digged up and until it comes through to me , my articles wont be posted on the blog.

So Preeti and others at IOAC 04 , anyone who is reading this blog , I have already emailed you on my request.

However , I thought this delay might be a good excuse in sharing the party activities of my Mumbai trip. So people here it goes . This is a list of places I catched up on my Mumbai trip and if you believe how I managed all this in 2 nights and 2 days. Well its a skill , only we PARTYHOLICS know.. some more on this term in later posts !!!

Thursday Night :
  • Red Light (***) ( not that Red dirttyyy mind ) .Its a club !! Wonder where do these people select their names from . Rather name it Brothel-minus-babes-lounge !!! Being a Thursday night , it was understandable that the place wont be spillin over with people and I had heard a lot about this place. However as it turned out , it was okkish for the day . Even with small crowd they could have jazzed up the things a little bit. However I used this time to make freinds with the resident DJ ( DJ Kabas ) and get his take on the clubbing/Djiing scene in Mumbai .Kabas looked very young , probably in 1st year college. I asked him why he took up Djiing ....His reply was ..every 3rd guy in Bombay is a Dj and hence him too. Also he said DJing had its own perks for him like free booze , free part access in every disc and club through his DJ network and yes he gets to mingle with the best crowd everytime !!! He can pick and choose ...!!! Voila..Come to think of it..I envy him. The guy was playing some amazing music.However the only thing which heated up the night was 2 American girls doing a Coyote Ugly on the Bar counter and the bar tender spraying the water from the Soda jet on them .!!! Good value for money , even though I would have preferred a much active dancing crowd and a filled up place. However I think the place would be really HOT on Saturdays night. Can be visited if you are in Bombay on Sat nite.I was there for a couple of hours and had nothing much to do except drink some beers , take some starters ( horrible ones ) and some fags puffs !!!!

  • Insomnia @ Taj Mahal Hotel ( **) : checked up the place very late , probably at 2 am or so . It was totally empty and utilized this oppurtunity to check the decor and talk to the Manager. Insomnia is on a decline on the popularity scale from what I have heard recently from people in the clubbing circle in Bombay. The manager mentioned its only filled up on Saturday and Friday nite and that too only after 1 am till 3-4 am ..2 hours for a club in the best known 5 star hotel in Bombay isnt good enough to my mind . You can skip this club if in Bombay .

Friday Night :

  • Lush Lounge and Bar @ High Street Phoenix ( *****) : Its not many times , when you see someone giving 5 stars to a club. But this place..ROCKED !! It is perhaps the best club I have been to in terms of "NO. of People dancing VS No. of People idle and drinking Ratio."Every soul in the club was dancing and yeah I mean every soul. I bet even the flies , the bees , the rats , the spiders would have been dancing with the crowd. I reached there at around 11 pm and stayed there till 3 am and it was rockin all the while. The drinks menu was fantastic , prices reasonable and understandable. For a person from Delhi , the clubs in Bombay seems ridiculously cheap !!! I dont know the reason for this technically , maybe the drinks taxes are low in Bombay as compared to Delhi but hmmm...We pay a lot of money to Party in Delhi ..Phew..!! Ok coming back to the music and the crowd. The crowd was awesome it can also be because of the fact that next day Oct 2 ( Sat nite )was a DRY DAY ( No booze day ) due to a National Holiday .Also the area where LUSH is situated aka High Street Phoenix complex has many discs/lounges/eating out places and hence its generally filled with people all night.So I am told. Now for the music , the DJ played some awesome tracks. He kept his numbers limited to the popular Hindi/English/Punjabi numbers but his song selection , sequence selection and remixing skills were damn good. Any other mortal would have found it difficult to have the whole packed crowd dancing Non stop for 5-6 hours. HIGHLY Recommended on Friday and Saturday night .The time I spent there dancing , enjoying the music and generally having FUN , would be a Highlight for me of the trip to Mumbai. !!

  • Provogue Lounge @ High Street Phoenix (***) : A clothes boutique by the day and a club in the night !!! Wow , the owners certainly seem to know how to extract maximum value from their expensive Real Estate ( In Bombay the saying goes , Real Estate is only now left to be built on the Arabian Sea ).Good crowd , Good music . But somehow the place didnt have the ambience needed to create the crowd stickiness. Could see people moving in and out unlike Lush .!! Check it out if you dont get entry in the other clubs at High Street Phoenix !!! ;-)

Before my clients now start thinking , that I party too much and dont work !! Let me AGAIN remind everybody I only clubbed at night and that too after attending a Marathon Conference at 7 hours stretch and add another 3 hours of networking or wutever the new word is ...!!!

Please dont make me feel guilty :-(

Every man needs his POISON !!!

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