Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fantastic 3 days of Wedding parties !!

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Ricky's wedding turned out to be a quite an enjoyable affair. With me getting to meet some old school mates , freinds and aquaintances. Infact it was quiet refreshing .However the only BAD side was , since we were a BIG group of freinds meeting - we invarably decided to have dinner at the very last. Infact sometimes at the end I noticed even the groom , bride , their families lost interest and just wanted to go home and sleep .whereas we guys were all talks , dancing ,drinking and generally having fun .It took some BIG cajouling from Rickys dad each time to get some guys off the Dance floor , get the DJ to shut down the music and ask the boys to eat dinner since they were really tired and wanted to go home!! So long for Hosting a party..!! However to give credit both the Wedding and the reception were very well organized and thoroughly enjoyable. Infact one of the biggest DJs in India was playing at the Wedding and the reception. Some good music all the way through. Both the parties took place at farmhouses near Delhi , hence the open chilled air added to the fantastic Ambience. This pic is me in a Black Kurta and a Silk Stole at the wedding reception night.!!

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