Monday, October 04, 2004

View of the Hall after the conference was over !! All Good things must come to an end !! PHEW ...It was a long long day ...However , since all sessions has their own unique flavour about them , it kept me alive and kicking . I interacted with a lot of people , some whom I have never thought would get to meet( Mr Ajit Bala ) or some whom I thought I would meet - never showed up ( Nino this is for you !!! ) . All in All , it was a great experience at the 1st IOAC 2004 ( Mumbai) .The event was definately a Headstart for BIG and BETTER things to come !! Preeti and All the team of IOAC 2004 , many thanks from my side for providing last-minute-unannounced-cooperation !!! I hope to catch ya all at the next IOAC Conclave 2005 ....p.s : By the way the chunnis/dupattas in the red/silver shade with blue denim jeans was a great idea !! Its definately whats my idea of the Indian Internet Industry is - An International Face with an Indian base !!!

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Une Femme Folle said...

er, for ignoramuses like me, what would IOAC be, apart from the fact that its connected somehow with the internet?? :)