Monday, September 27, 2004

So much Happening in my LIFE !!!

Its been BUSY BUSY BUSY ...very BUSY over the last 14 days or so.
Hence couldnt get much time to post new entries.

However it has got nothing to do with NOT FINDING time for blogging.
Its just that whenever I want to post new entries , I need to be at peace and ease to do it .

It doesnt make sense to me to post entries half heartedly.
Either I do it well or dont do it at all.

So it a nutshell this is what all has happened in my life over the last 10 days or so( very detailed post and images on all these coming next, though they might not be in date wise/sequence wise chronological order ) :

- Spent the last weekend ( 18th /19th ) like this >>

+ Sat daytime - went to Khan Market with my brother to buy some more light fittings for my room and lobby
+ Sat nite - went at 11 pm to Fashion TV Bar and Lounge with freinds for drinks and dinner ..FTV closed at 2:30 am and then went to Buddhar Bar and Lounge in Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon ( enroute got stuck for 1 hour in the traffic Jam on MG Road due to the FABRIC - the latest new club in Delhi - Launch . Came home at 6 am from Buddhar bar . BB had some great music but was overcrowded and full of drunked up zoombies dancing a if no tommorow . FBAR the opposite - classy as always!!
+ Sun day - relaxed and watched some TV
+ Sun nite - went for a hindi movie - pathetic one ..RAKHT ..dont watch it..Dont even wanna waste time writing a post reviewing it.

+Monday 20th Sept - choc a bloc , filled with so much work at office and meeting with clients. Slept at 4 am in the night , afterworking non stop from 1 pm in the afternoon
+Tuesday 21st Sept - worked again till 4 am or something...lotsa stuff in between related tensions!!
+ Wednesday 22nd Sept - same old routine !!! grrrr..on a good news got the GOOD NEWS that my cousins and my best friends first ( Rupal and Sumit ) are coming to Delhi from Kanpur next day morning. Worked all nite and didnt sleep.

+Thursday Morning 23rd Sept - Since I was working all nite , I just got in my jeans and tees and went to pick Rupz and Sumit from stations at 5:30am in the morning...Gawwd why do these train come to early in the morning.

+Thursday (Day) - Went to office at 8 am had a meeting with a client from Chennai at 9 am and it went on till 12 pm. Bought a NOKIA 7610 ( my review on it coming soon in next posts) on my way back home. I have taken a leave from work now for Thursday second half and Friday -whole day.

- Went shopping with Rupz , Sumit and Seema ( Sumits Wife ) to GK M Block market.Bought brown leather shoes for myself.
- Went to AGNI at The Park in the night for some drinks and dinner ( my brother Rohit aka Bubby/ My nickname is Monty !!! ) joined us there.Many pics from my new NOKIA 7610 coming on this blog.
-Came home at 2 am , all were talking and slept at 4 am

+ Friday - We all had planned to goto Vrindavan ( relihious place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days ...a very peaceful place which has the great ISKCON temple - an experience by itself ) for darshan and obviously good fun long drive . Vrindavan is 3.5 hours by Car from Delhi. Came back to Delhi at 2 am in the night from Vrindavan. More post on this FULL DAY trip later.

+ Saturday - Rupz loves to see the Fashion exhibition and went with her to one such exhibition " BRIDAL ASIA 2004 " at Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi. Later went for shopping to GK / South Ex and Defence colony.

-In the nite went to FTV BAR and Lounge for the second time running with all the GANG.Had tonnes and tonnes of FUN there . AWESOME MUSIC !!!

+Sunday - Went for some more shopping in Model Town and went to station in the evening to drop of the GANG. Relaxed in the night by watching a nice soft movie " 50 FIRST DATES " . Nice movie. Started working at 12 am and worked till 3:30 am .Its 3:55 currently when I am punching this post online !!!

Tommrow have to get up at 9 am and goto office for some work..

A GRUELLING WEEK filled with TONNES of work is AHEAD.!!!!

Ahh.....I already miss my weekend !!! Want another one !!

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