Saturday, September 11, 2004

A life is Born !!!!

My cousin brother Subir and his wife Deepti became parents today to a girl ( They havent yet decided her name and from what it seems its goona take a while since there are many advisors !!) They got married last year and its funny how their life will change forever after today !!!

Nature has its own "special zones " to change paths for mortals like us .

All my love to the new born baby !!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Mohit... My partner and I have been haggling with you, today, over web design pricing... You're a strong seller... I predict you'll be a success (probably are already)! Tough business tho... Lots of competition...

Anonymous said...

mohit u know wt .. am in love wit ur blog ...! n i tink am in love wit u too ! love to see u in ur blogs .. ! always der wit u ! mmuuahhhh