Monday, September 06, 2004

FOAM Party !!!

This weekend started with me waking up on Saturday Morning and doing some urgent work on my hand. ( Sending business mails , reading mails , taking actions , and some miscllaneous work ).
Spent sometime in the evening on the NOKIA website looking at some new phones. I am planning to sell my Sony ericsson T610 since the signal coverage and strength hasnt been good and the phone screen is having a weird white circle in the center.

Now comes the exciting part ...In the night went out wid frenz to 32nd Milestone in Gurgaon. I heard from my freinds in the afternoon thats it going to be a foam party , hence they adviced me to dress in old clothes. However ignoring their advice ,I went in a mix of old jeans , new shirt and new leather shoes.The sat nite FOAM bash was basically an event promoted UB Group's new energy drink CULT . The place looked jamm packed and there were people packed on the dance floor . 4 walls of thick transparent plastic sheets made up for walls and people were packed inside the walls on the floor with the DJ infront.
The foam was being poured from the foam machine directly on the roof above the dancers.

Hmmm...looked nice...

We went for some drinks ( had 1 beer ,2 bacardi with cola) and after a while ,tried some hand at getting dirty and dancing in the foam.

Seemed fun , slippery , wet and sexy fun...till.....
THE MASSIVE DOSE OF FOAM came down from the roof like a huge waterfall.
It was PITCH WHITE in front of my eyes and I could barely breathe for sometime . The foam was thick and coming down heavily..
I think they should have some sign on the dancefloor in these types of parties saying " Danger area ...FOAMslides from TOP "..


Having got wet from head to toe..I realised my new shoes and shirt have had their first and final night out!!! and it was bye bye to them..

Anyways it was a nice experience and the DJ was playing some cool old hindi remixes ( he was playing some HOLI style tracks ) ...

Went to for some early morning 4 am food bite at the roadside " dhaba" ( indian for roadside motel or eating joint). Had some egg paranthas ( thought they were heavenly).

Came home.. slept at 6am woke up at 2 in the afternoon ..!!!!

Dreamt of ...wot elzz.....FOAM BATH!!!!

With half of the day gone sleeping..
Spent the other half doing the following :
1. Watching TV
-Cricket match ( India vs England at Lords )
-Superbikes racing
- Surfing Music channels
- Watching some News
2. Went to the market to do some shopping and sell my SONY T610 ( sold it for Rs 6500 ~ I bought it 10 months ago for Rs17500 !!! A loss of Rs 11000 in ten months. Thought to myself ..mobiles are pretty much becoming like paying Monthly rental for Rs1000 per month or so..come to think of it Airtel , Hutch and all these companies should start some schemes like these )
3. Went to a freinds place to meet him
4. Dinner with Family
5. Surfing and blogging in the night


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