Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Bourne Supremacy ( **** ) -
A very good edge of the seat thriller. For people who like The Bourne Identity its a must see. Matt Damon does his controlled acting bit. The main strength of the movie is its very finely crafted script. There no time passers here. The movie from beginning to end goes in a fast pace . The ending is what you call " Paisa Vasool ( Moneys worth recovered!! ) " . The fabulous techno track and the car chase sequence. Simple fanstastic. Some people didnt like the jerky camera effect , I think its unique and makes the scene more complex and interesting then its actually is...which is entertaining. One grudge though...The volume of the techno track in the end needed to be higher and more audidble in the foreground rather then keeping it in the background. Remember the car chase sequence in MI 2 ??? I am sure John woo kept the techno tracks in the foreground realising the importance of mysticism they lend to the whole sequence !!! The vroooom sounds of the cars is for the old movies...!!! Archive them !!!

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