Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Hectic Weekend !!

The weekend gone started with a movie ( The Bourne Supremacy ) and ended with a movie ( Mean Girls ). In between there was some hectic work ( work as in office work and house work ) was done by me plus a whole Saturday Night was spent out partying at Craves !!! This is how it went :

Friday Night :

- Heard the news of me becomeing an Uncle ( Chacha in Hindi ) . My cousin Subir became a father to a girl. Went to the Hospital to see the child and give my congratulations.
- Went for a movie at 11 in the night . "The Bourne Supremacy " more on this late.
- Came back at 1:30 am , worked online for some 5 hours. Slept at 7 in the morning.

Saturday ( Day ) :

- We are getting a Plaster of Paris and Paint job done in our house ( its a big mess right now ). Actually I am getting a study room made for myself , where I can work and blog at peace in the Nights. Somehow I have this BIG need to getting my work area in my home ( I work a lot on nights in my home ) organized and settled.Coming to the point. Went shopping for Lights and new fittings in Khan Market. They have the best variety in lights there.Went in the afternoon at 2 and came back home at 9 in the night.

Saturday ( Night ) :

-Went out at 11 Pm with freinds to party on the Saturday nite . We choose to go back again to " Craves in Sahara Mall, Gurgaon " . Its the place where I saw the DJ with the condom slogan shirt . ( Refer my earlier post ).Was looking forward to what T Shirt he wears this time!!!.The top most floor in Sahara Mall , has basically 3 clubs one after another ( Craves, Odyssey , Last Chance ). We initially decided to goto Last Chance but it was jamm packed with people and didnt seem a good option. Odyssey was a good try but we went for Craves ( Basically you can be guaranteed of good music and babes at that place !!! ).Coming back to the T Shirt worn by the DJ .Today he strangely wore a T Shirt which had 2 big circles and it was somewhat looking funny in the neon light. It was actually looking as if the DJ was a girl wearing some see through bikini or something.Come to think of it. Came home by 5 am in the morning and worked online till 7 am .Slept at 7am .

Sunday (Day ) :

- Woke up at 2 in the afternoon. Read Newspapers , watched some TV , had lunch and relaxed around.

Sunday ( Night ) :
- Saw a movie " The Mean Girls " recommended in a post by someone who writes an interesting blog .More on the movie in my next post. Finished the movie at 1 am . Went online to do some work and worked till 4 am . Slept at 4 am and reached office at 12 Pm.!! ( Ooops this is my daily routine , hence dont get shocked )


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survivor said...

Congrats chachaji :O)