Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No more Party Pics for now :-(

Dave ( a client and a good freind of mine ) read the latest updates on my Blog and said the following to me :

Dave: I was reading your party too much
mohitinhere: i just partied this weekend with my cousins and family
mohitinhere: they came i work practically 24 x 7 mon - fri
Dave: I must come hang out with you as you seem like a party animal
mohitinhere: hence i guess its my excuse to enjoy life
mohitinhere: you know its 5:30 am here..and i have been working for last 14 hours or so..
mohitinhere: non stop ..
mohitinhere: hence whenever i get a chance for dance , drinks and food ..i just give away..!!
Dave: Get some sleep....

This small chat with him made me ponder on the effect of my Blog on my clients and business associates.

+ If I post too many of my pics partying will they think , I dont work or I take work casually ?

+ Will my posting personal pics make my clients see my human side and a peek in my life ?Will this be positive or negative for my impression on them ?

+ Should I post some professional pics or working pics of mine too ? Maybe uploading a video of fire fighting sessions or working all night to meet proposals deadline will be good ?

Ahh....Then I thought and decided upon the following :
I think my blog of late has been getting too personal ( more pics of me partying , movie reviews , personal views and philosophy ).
The reason I love to upload personal posts --- hmm coz ,its the reason we ALL WORK - We ALL WANT TO BE HAPPY WITH PEOPLE WE LOVE. And nothing gives me more happiness , then sharing my happy moments on my blog for all to see.

But at the same time , I didnt go about writin this BLOG just to post my personal life tit bits.

One of the main objectives of MIND BYTES was to post the ideas , thoughts , memories , experiences which POP UP in my mind practically at the rate of 100s everyday .

Small views on news pieces , or web articles.

Its the reason why I started the initial entries on my blog with fashion and internet , Indian Railways and other technology related thoughts.


I think time has now come to tilt the equation and balance it out.

Hence guys..expect more techie related post to follow and some work related pics too !!!

By the way , Dave , thanks for bringing this to my notice.
This way my BLOG wont get diluted as just a personal journal .I want it to be so much more.

MIND BYTES needs to be much much more...!!


MIND BYTES = Personal experiences + Technology/BPO/Internet/Gadgets related reviews and thoughts + Movie/Music reviews + Laetitia Casta ( how can I forget her ??) + all things in my MIND !!!

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