Tuesday, November 16, 2004

WOW GOA :-) Where is GOA ?? Waiting for GOA !!. Frustating GOA %$@#$

Goa is WOW : Its been my long unfulfilled desire to enjoy a Christmas and New years in Goa simultaneously. With some luck on my side , I will be celebrating them in December this year in Goa.
Where is Goa : Its amazing , Goa has been among the TOP 10 World travel destinations and has been highly rated by Top Travel Magazines like Conde Nast Traveller. Still many people in the world dont know where is Goa...Is it a part of India ..and so forth..I got big ???? from Dave , when I told him I am going to Goa in late december this year. He asked where is Goa ???
Frustating Goa : Goa can be a real pain in the a** if you dont do your Flight and hotel bookings 3 months in advance of Xmas and New year celebrations. I got a taste of the frustration. My flight bookings are done ( I know how I managed to get them done and what all I went through in doing this .Bloody F**** is the experience of dealing with ticketing agents).But my Hotel Bookings are still pending and the options are few and ALL are very damn expensive. I am trying to explain to my travel agent that" I am not BUYING a Hotel in Goa " .

A detailed beach map of Goa is above for my ready reckoner - if I wish to buy any Real Estate there ;-) God Help me !!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mohit..! I hope u have the time of your life in GOA n am sure you will never regret that y u chose GOA for the new yr n christmas bash ..!Anyway, ur blog makes me feel very jealous as i get to know so much about you from your blog !!I cant even think of knowing so much of you even after talking to you so much..! Anyway, keep writting so that i miss you even more..But am sure you will never understand me...!