Saturday, November 20, 2004

OUT NOW : The new PIRELLI 05 Calendar !!!!

Photographer Peter Lindberg's interpretation of the 2002 Pirelli Calendar paid homage to Hollywood and to seduction. For the first time actresses were used instead of models, dressed with lingerie by Giorgio Armani. The shoot took a week on the city street back lot of Universal Studios with a crew of nearly 100 people, with enough time and budget to film a movie. Above, sexy young actress James King from Pearl Harbor on the Universal Studios city set in the pose that was her calendar page shot.

The Pirelli 2005 Calendar
On November 18th 2004, at the Copacabana Fort in Rio de Janeiro, was revealed the world premiere of the Pirelli 2005 Calendar, the most exclusive world event for beauty lovers, fashion followers and photography connoisseurs. Shot by world-renowned French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the 2005 Pirelli Calendar has chosen the spectacular setting of Rio de Janeiro, the metropolis that, as Naomi Campbell says (appearing for the third time in the "The Cal") "reflects the Brazilian people's energetic and positive spirit".

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