Monday, November 01, 2004

Great music - great freinds around ...but wots missing ???

Peppers at Hotel Bristol ( Gurgaon ) on Sat nite with freinds. A view of the bar counter and me waiting for my drink !!! Why are these bar tenders guys so slow - even when there isnt much rush ???? (The reason is simple -they wanna give us enough time to think on the tip amount !! )

My night at Peppers would have been great fun and refreshing for me on any other regular day .But this time....something was missin...!!! Dont know wot ...but just didnt feel in the mood !!
Anyways tried to enjoy as much as I could.

I think it was the above !!!
Some movies - leave you pondering........they make you :

  • Reflect back at your past
  • Analyse your present
  • Refrain you from planning for future
  • Make you live for the moment

Seems beautiful doesnt it ....?? But what can you do ....

if the moment is missing ????????????


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