Wednesday, November 10, 2004

British firms outsource 400,000 jobs

This article is very encouraging to read , especially for someone like me - who is involved 24 x7 X 365 in selling New Media Services like Web Site development , SEO , PPC and other internet properties development and marketing related initiatives - to clients based all around the world. Also it is a very interesting read for marketeers of call center and other BPO services .( Services I have sold earlier but not as a major focus. Only a one off thing !!! I am planning to try my hand at focussed selling of these services -very soon !!! ).

I have sold New Media services to clients in regions like Mexico , Cyprus, Moscow .Hence any news of a region or country developing as a big destination for marketing is definately good news !!!

UK was always very big ...its just getting bigger and maturer !!!

Way to go ....UK !!

MSN India - British firms outsource 400,000 jobs

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