Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Inspiration and The Hitchhickers guide to Blogging benefits !!!

I am always asked these questions manier times .....

  • Whats inspires me to blog ?
  • What inspired me to blog ??
  • How do I get the time ?
  • Am I "vella "? ("vella " in punjabi means.. too free to do anything -silly ) ?
  • Am I nerdy /geeky ???
  • Or the funniest of them all ...Is there a girl I am trying to impress?

Hmmm...I guess one small answer to all these questions asking my inspiration.... is this - comment on my blog..!! A small example .

But I have my own "personal " reasons to blog ( read below ).

However there are some other MAJOR " inspirations" on which I will need a full dedicated post to write on.

In short , Mohitinhere's Reason to blog :

  • Saves life ( something like saving trees!!) : I believe writing a web journal/or a blog helps you to save life..whos life?? your own silly !!
  • Time pass in office/home when you have nothing to do : Instead of getting into unnecessary arguments in office with co-workers over who drinks the coffee most?? and who spills the water at the cooler ?? , OR trying to win lost battle with clients over scope of work OR trying to ensure your girlfreind is not two timing on you yet at the same time complementing on her great looks ( when you wish inside if you are really bling !! ). Or spreading unnecessary gossip?? or discussing Bush vs Kerry ??( the result of which is probably pre decided amongst those two fellas )......LET THE BLOGGING RULE !!
  • An excuse to not exercise and goto the gym : What will you achieve will HULK HOGANNISH biceps and Tom Cruise looks ??? Nicole is still going with someone else .....forget it...
  • Dating - Wanna date the TYPE X girl ?? : Have a non internet savvy but sexy girl next door and not enough courage to speak to her ?? Keep your blog updated and take regular printouts from the company laser jet printer ( what use are they for anyways!! ) . Contact your local newspaper guy and bribe him to insert your blogs printout in her newspapers PAGE 3 or her Cosmo !!!! It works...no jokes..!!
  • Keep your Porn surfing at one place : You never know when and where you might need your daily dose of porn ( guys and gals included). Also the IE favorites and Windows are as always "crashhhy by nature " . Do your homework.....Keep all the hot images , and username and passwords handy .!!! How ...simple...post them on your blog and make it Personal ( you might wanna make it public and see it as charity to the society...after all you have good taste..dont ya ;-) !!! )
  • A tool to impress your boss : Bosses dont go in details...they look at the top view...!! There are so many things you want him to know about you ????? You are smart , full of ideas , full of talent ....plus you have great taste.....blog is the place ..invite your boss over to the blogging fun. You never know ..he might allocate a blogging time at office expense just for you , which you can use to take the benefits listed above...!!!!!!!

P.S : Anonymous , please let me know who you are ?..So that I can thank you !!

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Anonymous said...

Till i don't read ur blog whenever i come online i don't feel as if i have done my work on the net for da day!!! So keep posting n keep bugging me ..ooopppsss i mean "Blogging"!N PLZ UPDATE UR BLOG IN EVERY 2-3 DAYS!