Monday, November 01, 2004

A life filled within moments of a night !!!

Before Sunrise ( ***** ) :

I had seen this movie some 4 years ago on TV ( dont remember the channel , but I think it was Star Movies ).
What makes me write this post is the brilliant sequel to this which I saw lately.
For someone who hasnt seen any of the movies, it would make perfect sense to watch these 2 movies back-to-back.
Both are equally brilliant ( some critics prefer the 1st part more..but I disagree ) and equally engrossing..!!

Whats ponders me is..... whether the director decided he would make sequel after 10 years when he released the original in 1995 ??

Anyways..If you have a taste for "refreshingly different cinema with a unique experience value " watch these two...


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Anonymous said...

you know what !this is the second time i have heard these movies names and both times hardcore people like you and james berardinelli ( have sworn by it..i agree it is one of those movies ....