Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Summer Blockbuster season !!!

Most of my freinds have been asking me for some or the other movie recommendations. ( I guess they like my suggestions and movie taste . I consult them based on their individual taste )

I have myself been very "into" movie watching lately..!!
For the last couple of months , relaxation has meant...Movie watching on a Friday night ( the start of a possible great weekend) at my Home or Theatre.

Here is a Quicklist and an even quicker review from my side on the movies I saw or was forced to see or could never complete !!!!

Hollywood/International Movies
  • Troy (****) - Awesome is the word..Watch out for the camera movement during the Trojan horse sequences in the end..
  • Van Helsing ( ***) - Ambience/Thematics Galore....Cool movie..if you really like special effects.
  • Harry Porter and Prisoner of Azkaban (*****) - Excellent Entertainment. The best got better..I think its the best installment yet of the 3 movies..a Very Dark film..with more focus on natural surroundings.
  • Spiderman 2 ( ***) - Expected more from this one..But still not regrets...The character development was the highlights of this one..Best Scene..when Toby maguire falls from the roof top trying to re-practice his Spidey skills !!
  • I,Robot ( ***) - Good popcorn flick...in my terminology ..I call it the prequel to Matrix 1. Definately inspired by Matrix movies ..I dont know why there is no such story in the media.
  • Secret Window ( ****) - Johnny Depp at his best . A Good ambience driven movie after a long time.
  • Matchstick Men (***) - Nicolas Cage at his best..Best surprise ending in the con movie genre off late.
  • Around the World in 80 Days ( **) - Expected more chills and thrills from this Jackie Chan flick..Frankly speaking its actually very funny and boring at the same time , when Jackie tries to act sad ( which he does in some part of the movie in the middle)
  • Kill Bill Vol 2 (***1/2) - Good movie on the whole. I would rather would have preferred to watch both volumes together , then split them up.. I dont know what prompted such a strategy with the marketing guys..Anyways , its a good movie..Will be remember for Cat fights and background music..Watchout for the eyeball grasp !!! Cant Yukksss!!! Cant they get any more creative ??
  • Irreversible ( ***) - Dont wanna comment, except definately not porn !! See it for yourself if you have the temprement. My Advise , see it only if you WANNA SPOIL a Good Day!! The movie does its JOB VERY WELL...Its meant to leave a BAD TWISTED STATE OF MIND.However its philosophy on love , sex,society and relationships is definately thought provoking
  • Euro Trip ( **) - Stupid Gags and even more worse actors..!!!Not even a time pass.
  • The Day after Tommorow ( **) - Not much creative work here. Average stuff . Time pass types.
  • The Terminal ( **) - Tom Hanks provides his usual brilliance. However the plot of a person from some unheard of country coming to New York to get an autograph of a Jazz artist for his late dad and getting stuck in JFK Airport is wishful thinking .The plot is interesting but somehow my interest was lost in the later parts of the movie which were boring.
  • 13 going on 30 ( **) - A movie which is not certain whether it wants to make an emotional statement or be an out and out comedy. Still its a time pass. Wont recommend highly though.

Bollywood/CrossOvers ( Hindi/English) :

  • Hum Tum ( **) - Gawwd they are still making such stupid movies.But for Saif ,comic timing , this movie is not even time pass stuff!!!
  • Lakshya (***) - Good movie from a great director .Saw it twice in theater .First saw by choice ..second time by Force on a cousins Birthday.( Rupal its only for you I did this aweful aweful thing)
  • Gayab (1/2) - THE WORST MOVIE EVER by RGV !! How could I waste my time and money on this shit.!! Still regret it.
  • Yuva ( ***) - Good , intelligent hindi movie ....finally .Amazing Music....!! Still listen to some of the tracks.
  • Masti ( **) - Adult Jokes, Gags and time pass galore. See it for some slapstick comedy.

Movies left /Completed in parts:

  • The Ring ( ***** ) : Excellent movie , but got me too tensed and engrossed..Saw it in parts..to make peace with the excellent dark mood of the movie.Best Horror movie of late.
  • The Ghost Ship (** ) - Average , regular Horror Flick.

These movies were seen by me over the last 2-2.5 months , in theatre , on dvd or on some movie channels.

Since I saw all the movies on weekends ....

For me the attraction lies more in the getting lost in different stories /tales for couple of hours.

Till then...happy watching..!!

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