Monday, August 30, 2004

Ah ha...till.....M. Night Shyamalan ( oh yes he is indian-making-big-in-hollywood-land) THE VILLAGE happened to me.

SHORT REVIEW : Some of the best critics in USA have said great words about this movie.( Atleast this is what the movies website claims and I am going by this only).Well for me , this movie is a BIG WASTE OF TIME. It has a waifer thin plot. A plot which you can unravel half way through the movie. Its marketing promos claim and promote it as a HORROR/THRILLER movie , where it doesnt even have even 1/100th of second resemblance to HORROR. By the time the movie finishes , you start wondering to yourself wot-did-I-enjoy-more-the-popcorn-pepsi-or-the-movie ????
The characters dont interest , they dont act well. Some critics on the web claim the acting and the characted development to be good. Well if a dumb-silent-look is acting then I would rather watch WWF wrestling ( they seem to have more interesting plots).

Its a BAD SILLY MOVIE . The directors wants to claim he is the modern Hitchcock , well he made a good "The Sixth Sense".

My recommendation to Mr Night - Come home from your Village and See the Signs , use your Sixth Sense and next time make something Unbreakable !!!

P.S : By the way why do the villagers wear those Yellow-Raincoats-like-sheeters when they go out in the woods ??? I guess the production guys had trouble gettings in some other colors.. maybe budget contraints !!! I guess the budget these days is only meant for Marketing !!!

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