Monday, August 30, 2004

Craving for more !!!

Worked most of the Friday night after watching " The Butterly Effect " .
Woke up in the afternoon on Saturday. big weekend is still going on.

I am catching up on much needed sleep which is a BIG THRILL for me more then anything.

Spent the Saturday evening doing some sundry shopping - needed some cross cables for home network ( I am currently setting up a STUDY IN MY HOME for myself ) , some blanks CDs , magazines etc.

The excitement started at 9 in the night. I went out with few freinds to check our a new Night club ( the popular word in Delhi for them is Lounge bars. I barely see any people lounging around on Saturday nights - its as good or bad as the old DISCOS !!) in Sahara Mall , Gurgaon.( For the uninformed Gurgaon is the No.1 hotspot for BPO , IT and All the Outsourcing wave across various industries in the world and in India. )

CRAVE - yeah crave was the name of the club and it was small but good. The DJ played some good music and I spent whole of my night till early morning 5AM there.
The DJ at the club as-it-turned-out was a freind of my freind .
Met the DJ and noticed an interesting tag line on his T- shirt. It said


This message was printed on his T shirt in white and it glowed in the Dark dance floor under the Blue Neon Lights.

For once I wanted to answer this question for him and spell the line
"coz A-I-D-S is still incurable on this planet EARTH " .

These new yippie yo type DJs ,sometimes go too far with their T -Shirts.( they sometimes come under a weird sorry category of people I Call always-trying-to-grab-attention-of-crowd-when-inside-their-hearts-they-know-its-all-about-the-good-looking-babes )

Anways , he played good music thats wot only matters in the end.

Came home on Sunday morning , slept till afternooon.
Spent the rest of the afternoon doing sundry activities.

The BIG weekend was going good and fairly relaxed till .......!!!!!!

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