Friday, July 30, 2004

Website for HELL and Neeraj & his "loving " pets !!!!!

I have been really busy over the last 10 days or so , sending frantic proposals to clients in 10 corners of the world ( From USA , UK , Australia to Greece ,Cyprus and god know where ).

I wish I can someday send a proposal to Satan in HELL and tell them to get a Website made and I will do the most creative job on it.
Surely making a website for HELL would be much more creatively enriching and challening them making one for the guys in HEAVEN. They wont have much to speak.
Whereas the guys in HELL would have loads to talk about , their experiences , their lies , their sins...would make interesting reading ....DONT YA THINK SO ????

I would for people to send me creative concept notes on the "Strategy for what a website of HELL " what should it look like ? What should be the logo ? What should be the domain name ..??? I guess isnt a bad start...

Anyways , I guess I am just tired of sending out so many proposals .

Moving on ...I called my freind Neeraj (who is leaving for Dubai next week) for some drinks and dinner.
We decided to have dinner a little late in the night and I went over to his house to pick him up.

To give a background on Neeraj , he is everything , I am NOT.
No matter how much I try to take up some habits , nuances and thought process from him , its really difficult for me to understand his state of mind ( which is actually brilliant sometimes ).

However , he is one of the people that I have become fond off..
My association with him goes back to my days for managing Online Shopping webstores for my cousin Sumit and his company Kamayani .
Neeraj used to work then with Rediff dot com as Senior Corporate Account manager.

In those days I liked Neeraj's working style and his way of client interaction and communication a lot.It had a calmness and a COOL attitude about it.

Neeraj then shifted from Rediff and joined an Insitutional development company in Cairo and has been living there for past 1 year.

He is now moving on and shifting base to Dubai, UAE.

However our freindship grew over the years and from a client -vendor relationship ,it has moved one to being good freinds.

I have been hearing from him about his pets - 3 aquariums of fish , a bird house filled with 30 birds and a huge dog.

At first , I didnt beleive any of these and I thought he was just trying to scare me away and trying to make him look like a ANIMAL LOVER ( a sort of cool "inthing" )..

Yesterday at his house to my amazement , he took me through a guided trip of introducing me to all his PETs - the rare Fishes from Africa ( the main big fishes with tiger like patterns and the cleaners fish of the aquarium ) , the birds were sleeing in their birdhouse on the roof top ( so I couldnt meet them in person ) and ya the HUGE Black dog ( I hate dogs and especially the huge ones ).
The black dog seemed like a monster from the Harry Porter movie . Neeraj asked him to shake hands with and me and I almost threw the cocktail glass at the poor dog.

He and his mom then gave me some advise on how to react to DOGs even though I might hate them from deep inside. ( I dont hate them , its just that I cant picture myself getting along with them ).

I also saw a dead preserved Star fish which he got from some forbidden beach or something...

After our dinner ,I was thinking in my car...why is it that I cant picture myself surrounded by pets?? Why is it that I dont have any pets in my house and what will it take to overcome the fear of them ???

After much internal debate , I came to a conclusion that maybe I am not meant to be in the same habitat as them.
Maybe I am TOO digital in my living...Nature doesnt excite me as much as machines ,gadgets and gizmos..????

Anyways was an AMAZING experience seeing someone appreciate nature , be so close to it and enjoy it .

By the way....I have made a resolution....To buy a Sony Pet Robot ( they come in sizes of small puppies etc ) soon as I save some more money...Maybe it would be a good starting point !!!!

The robots can make me learn how to behave with pets and then I can graduate too the REAL thing !!!!!

So long............!!!!


survivor said...

humans moved away from nature..this is where they originated from and yet...
its possible for move in a world of comfort and totally loose themselves in the mesh of network,gizmos,wires. nature..what nature.dogs,fishes, cats...whats that?

Anonymous said...

you are cool !!!!! ;-) guess who am i ??